Eure et Loir. The kind godfather hid pedophilic tendencies, a destroyed family

The man admitted falling into one
The man admitted to being caught in a “cycle of poisoning and addiction,” and the court’s questioning focused on the possible transition from the virtual to the real. (© Illustration – AdobeStock – smolaw11)

He was the trustworthy man, the exemplary godfather, loving, caring. And then, one fine day, the relatives of this man discovered him under the pseudonym Sora7580, revealed by the investigators of the Central Office for Combating Violence Against Individuals, confiscated from their counterpartsAustralia stalking the child crime.

The IP address of this man’s computer indicates an address in Eure-et-Loir, a few kilometers from Chartres. The court sentenced him on Monday, March 28, 2022, feeling his arrest was timely before taking any action.

Through cyber infiltration

The forty-year-old, manager in a company of Hauts-de-Seine, is prosecuted for possession of images of minors of a pornographic nature; distribution of these images; customary consultation of any public online communications service that makes available such depictions of minors, but also the use, storage or disclosure of any document or record relating to words or images of a sexual nature and of a Invasion of the privacy of others.

The facts in question took place from July 23 to December 30, 2019.

An Australian cyber investigator infiltrates the many websites known to host pedophile profiles. He manages to communicate with sexual predators and in particular one of them hiding behind the Pseudonym Sora7580.

The Australians forward the file to their French colleagues, which traces it back to this man in Eure-et-Loir. No doubt they’ll find out in his computer 166 files shows young girls in pornographic poses.

The content of the messages found in his mailbox confirms the whole thing.

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Photos taken without the knowledge of young girls

the image metadata reveal the camera used and the location of the recording, because under these pictures there are recordings of relatives of this man.

Immediately after his arrest, he recognized the facts and revealed that his person in particular can be seen in these photos goddaughter but also minors from his circle of acquaintances such as the daughter of his boss, a cousin of a colleague…

Dirty goes as far as showing photomontages with the faces of these young girls to show them in situations of a sexual nature.

To achieve his goals, he used an application that allows him to create the illusion that his phone is off while making stolen recordings.

Massages a little too advanced

The investigators’ hearings will go quickly because he will not hinder the unveiling of the truth. With that he admits to having wasted massagewho could get in the way because he was lying low on his back,” the court president says, especially with his goddaughter.

He admits just as much in those auditions an attraction for minors “from 6 years” and “although the girl was like his daughter, he felt an unhealthy attraction, an arousal that made him feel perverted and insane« .

A nagging question for President Bobet:

Still, having child pornography images is one thing, distributing them… it’s another thing stealing photos of loved ones and putting them in these situations. There are limits that are not clear to a possible transition to law.

President of the Court

The pictures were stolen on walks, on vacation, in the office of his former company…

“It’s terrible what I’ve done”

The defendant admits that “it’s terrible” what he did. He conjures up “a personal context of frustration, of immaturity.”

During my detention I was confronted with the fact that something had been wrong for a long time and I wanted to avoid exaggerating and endangering minors. I’ve read works by Roland Coutanceau, seen Blue Angel reports… I’m sorry for any damage I may have caused.


Because it’s a fine line from this virtual world to real crime. The man defends himself and believes “that I think deep down that I will never do anything”.

He explains that he got there after being “in a whirlwind, a spiral, I totally missed it.”

In this grim world, where the quality of his photos has been praised, he says he has “found value” that he lacked elsewhere. He has entered this world since 2006 Darknet filth where he was fascinated by manga culture and college girl profiles feeding his fantasies.

A mailbox in his name

When the hosts shut down his account, he created a new profile, anonymous…except surprisingly for an email inbox that showed his first and last name.

The conclusions of the psychiatric reports portray him as an immature man who has created his own phantasmagorical virtual world, “but these phantasies must fundamentally prevent acting out”.

Arrested, he shows himself to be paradoxical pretty happy to get arrested to get out of this spiral. He goes to a specialized psychotherapist every week and “there are no longer any minors” in his entourage, he tells the prosecutor who is questioning him.

A devastated young girl and her mother

The young goddaughter and her mother find the courage to take a stand. A particularly tiring moment.

The 14-year-old is visibly devastated by this ordeal: “I had enormous faith in him, I’m terribly disappointed when I found out that he did it.”

His mother follows him in tracing a complicated family journey that had prompted him to propose to this man:

I had total confidence, he fell into a parental breach because my daughter didn’t have a role model father. She was broken, had no friends for years, took refuge in work. If things are better today, I fear for her adult life, she who spoke of her godfather with admiration, she even drew like him.

Mother of the young goddaughter

“There could be many more victims”

Me Sarah Valduriez represents these two civil parties. Just two” but it could be many more. If you weren’t stopped by this cyber infiltration, what would have been? »

Photos of this young girl are still circulating in these criminal spheres. “His mother was called to her place of work by the gendarmes to come with her daughter,” a terrible shock when she discovered the affair.

victim in his early childhood of abuse by his father “How is this young girl supposed to trust her again one day? She plans to become an actress later so as not to be forgotten and to give people dreams to bring a character to life.”

The lawyer for the civil parties is demanding a fine of 10,000 euros in damages for the young person, 8,000 euros for her mother and reimbursement of the costs incurred.

An important step in the reconstruction

The public prosecutor’s office immediately had words for the victims, “the stage of the process is important for their reconstruction”.

She mentions these child crime cases, which are characterized by a gradation in horror walk ‘ from uncles to wandering hands to live rapes on What’s App« .

The accused stands between the two. His computer shows 166 images, “sometimes there are many more, but the crime can be identified from the start”. In this case, a prison sentence of five years is imminent.

We can only applaud the cooperation between the investigative services that has led to this affair. This young girl is suffering, she will get along without her godfather. In view of the conclusions of the psychotherapist, the accused is experiencing quite a favorable development, but the offenses remain marked.

Public Prosecutor

Because the risk exists or has existed, it requires twelve months imprisonment with penalty adjustment because he is a first-time offender who has a professional situation and five years of social court aftercare, work and welfare obligations.

“A belated but real awareness”

For the defense, Me Nicole Gryson emphasizes that she is more often with the victims of such “despicable” acts.

“The arrest put an end to these toxic and addictive acts,” she says, pointing out that her client quickly recognized and accepted the facts. “Awareness is late, but it is real”.

The lawyer returns the defendant’s own childhood with elements that could be triggers, recurring family conflicts, a tendency to withdraw, to flee into an imaginary world.

Depicted as vulnerable, immature, fragile, he closes his first relationships late, make up for its shortcomings in social networks. Imprisoned in the Orléans-Saran Penitentiary Center, he immediately began psychotherapy sessions, which he still continues. His lawyer follows the demands of the public prosecutor’s office.

Twelve months imprisonment with penalty adjustment

The court complied with the requests The 40-year-old was sentenced to 12 months in prison with an adjustment at homeDuty of care, compensation for ancillary parties, ban on dealing with the underage victim, but also prohibition on dealing with minors for five years, aftercare by the social courts for five years.

His seals were confiscated and he is listed in the automated criminal file for sexual and violent offenders.

The child and its mother will be compensated for their mental damage of up to 5,000 and 3,000 euros respectively, as well as reimbursement of the costs incurred (psychological aftercare, travel, etc.).

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