Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney watched the intimate scenes with her family!

Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney watched the show’s intimate scenes with her grandparents! We tell you more.

Sydney Sweeney struggled to film some of the nude scenes in Euphoria. But once published the young woman watched the series with her family! MCE TV tells you more.

Sydney Sweeney reassured

Sydney Sweeney lends her facial features to the character of Cassie in the series Euphoria. At the age of 24, the young woman experienced a career start thanks to her participation in the famous show.

It must be said that the Euphoria series has become one real social phenomenon! What’s more, HBO Max even broke viewership records thanks to the series powered by Zendaya.

Despite its resounding success, the series has that too received quite a bit of criticism. Especially because of its nude scenes, which are sometimes considered useless.

But that didn’t bother Sydney Sweeney’s family. In fact, the young actress confided in that Her family has been very supportive. Even when it comes to seeing your kid reveal everything on screen!

“I invited my whole family to the premiere and didn’t really think about it [la nudité] » the young woman said during her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I said to myself: This is a first in Hollywood! You have to come ! We were all sitting next to each other and it was a huge screen…I was on the floor. I was so happy. »

Among the spectators were the grandparents of the young actress. “They said I had the best boobs in Hollywood” joked Sydney Sweeney.

The young Euphoria actress then responded to the criticism. She confided in me that it was her very proud of her work on the series.

“I am very proud of my work at Euphoria”

The young actress from Euphoria therefore entrusted the reviews that followed the airing of the series. “I am very proud of my work at Euphoria” She said.

“I thought it was a great achievement. But nobody talks about it because I was naked. » regret the young actress. She also used her time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about it the stigma of actresses stripping naked on screen.

“When a guy has a nude scene or shows his body, he always wins awards and gets praise. But once a girl does it, it’s very different. » regrets the young actress of Euphoria.

Also, Sydney confided in Sweeney The director was very supportive. She explains that Sam Levinson never pressured her into doing a scene she didn’t want.

Though some critics believe the nude scenes were sometimes unnecessary, the young actress has a different take on the subject. She actually explains it this nudity in Euphoria is “important for the script and the character”.

“In real life we ​​are all naked. We show the life of this character and what he goes through.” She explains. Before adding: “Cassie’s body is another form of communication for her. »

While fans have just discovered Euphoria Season 2, we already know that it has been renewed for a new season! case follows.

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