Emmanuel Macron wants a new pact for teachers

The outgoing president defends his education record, particularly for the Priority Education Networks (REP) and REP+ (doubling classes and limiting to 12 students). “The results are there. The presidential candidate promises to step up funding to transform and refurbish a “curtain” school system. “What do we want to do at school?” We want to educate better, give everyone the same opportunities, trust teachers and give them better recognition,” he explains. For Emmanuel Macron, the current school system does not bring complete satisfaction: “If I had to summarize our system, our teachers do not feel recognized and they are right. Families struggle with absenteeism […] and children continue to lack self-confidence. “Emmanuel Macron recognizes France’s poor results in the PISA ranking and hopes that the efforts will pay off during his tenure: “The investment will show in a few years. »

Extensive consultation with all stakeholders at the beginning of the mandate

If elected, Emmanuel Macron would like to start his new five-year term with “a broad consultation to discuss how best to achieve national goals. The President defines the contours of this process: “Joint work at the local level, with all those involved, on-site consultation. “Elected officials, teachers, institution administration teams, parents of students and clubs are affected by this device” to change the way it works. There is an urgent need for the President of the Republic to implement “new forms of organization” according to the territories while respecting national goals. “The programs and exams remain national, but we have to assume more freedom,” he says.

Salary increases and new tasks for teachers

Emmanuel Macron promises “a new pact” with the teachers. “If we leave things as they are today and take refuge behind a principled equality that is not real. We are not fulfilling the mission,” he emphasizes. The President points the finger at absenteeism among national education teachers, a phenomenon that is not always managed well “because we don’t give ourselves the resources to do it. The candidate proposes a better management of absences from a system based on volunteer work. This reform, envisaged by the President, would create “new responsibilities for teachers, new means of involvement in educational projects: student mentoring, support, extracurricular activities…”.

Teachers who are “willing to commit” would increase their pay. “I am willing to say that teachers who do not want to do these missions will not have their pay increased,” warns Emmanuel Macron. This reform would introduce several payment systems “according to the area” or the activities supported by the teachers. “I assume because they (teachers) don’t all do the same thing […], we know it. »

Regarding the management of schools, Emmanuel Macron wants to generalize certain provisions of the Marseille en Grand plan “to promote expertise in the field and give more freedom to teaching teams, sometimes to recruit by profile. The managers would benefit from extended privileges. The President puts forward the idea of ​​making “the results of all assessments” available to a class or institution, a means he says “of spreading good practice” in the areas. “We need to be able to give school leaders and the educational team the opportunity to measure the changes, and not just with the visit of the academic inspector every X years. »

strengthen fundamentals

That is a black point of the Abitur reform: the decline in the number of students in mathematics classes in general education. Emmanuel Macron promises to reintegrate the topic into the common core. He also advocates strengthening physical education and physical education classes in primary and secondary schools. He promises an improvement in artistic and cultural teaching and suggests “extending the culture pass from the university. “Emmanuel Macron also advocates strengthening the orientation of the students, “from the fifth, in order to get to know the professions better. »

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