Elaborate. A platform for detecting autism in children under 7 years old

Patricia Boisnard (Secretary), Ruxandra Cardas (neuropaediatrician, coordinator) and Manon Pichereau (psychologist coordinator)
The PCO team: Patricia Boisnard (secretary), Ruxandra Cardas (neuropaediatrician) and Manon Pichereau (psychologist) ©L’Orne Hebdo

Near 35,000 children are born in France every year, with a neurodevelopmental disorder. They are diagnosed on average at the age of seven years.

But the first signs appear before the child is three years old: Delay in speech, mobility, communication… So many symptoms that can be signs of autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder or even dyspraxia.

These disorders in cognitive, sensorimotor or behavioral developmentare not without effect on the child’s academic, social and family functioning.

early detection

“The earlier the disorders are recognized, the sooner it is possible to intervene and take care of the child,” explains the doctor Ruxandra CardasNeuropediatrician, coordinator of the platform, in Orne.

In order to be able to recognize these diseases at an early stage, in der Orne, a “Platform for coordination and orientation in neurodevelopmental disorders” (PCO TND 61) was implemented in January 2022.

This project is part of the State Health Agency’s national autism plan, which envisages the establishment of these platforms in all departments.

A multidisciplinary team

The aim is to offer orientation and support to families who are confronted with their child’s first developmental difficulties. But also and above all “to improve the recognition and diagnosis of children”, explains Manon PichereauPsychologist, coordinator of the platform, “and thus to promote early interventions”.

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A team was formed to intervene during the diagnosis process and to coordinate the child’s journey. Four professionals specialized in neurodevelopmental disorders (two doctors, a psychologist and a secretary). multidisciplinary team.

Access the course

From the first signs of delayed development in the child, especially those that a Autism Spectrum Disorderthe doctor or pediatrician completes a “warning sheet”which he addresses to the PCO team.

“The kid should have between 0 and 7 yearsand not take any further diagnostic courses,” the neuropediatrician recalls Ruxandra Cardas. The signs may be a delay in speaking, a child not following with their gaze, not responding to their first name, not pointing their finger…

The application is then processed in committee by the PCO team. A free course of assessment and interventions for the care of the child for a period of one year (extendable by one year).

aftercare of the child

“The team will be able to refer families to physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists or even psychomotor therapists…” explains Manon Pichereau.

This early intervention enables health insurance coverage of the entire course, including sessions with non-contracted professionals. Manon Pichereau argues: “This allows for a significant reduction in the remainder to be borne by families”.

Since its opening on January 10, 2022, ten courses Assessments and interventions have been set up by the Orne PCO for children.

Contact : secretaire.pco61@cpo-alencon.net / 07 86 51 62 73

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