Education: Yannick Jadot wants to reignite the debate about school rhythms

Son of teachers, school is a subject close to Yannick Jadot’s heart. And in this respect, the environmental candidate takes the opposite view of the outgoing president, who presented on Thursday a project that consists in particular of earning more by teaching more.

“The Excel spreadsheet model is a model that makes our children suffer”

“A political mistake” for Yannick Jadot, who during his press conference castigated Emmanuel Macron’s lack of recognition for the “heroic work of the entire educational community” during the pandemic.

“We need reconciliation to relieve tension within the school and avoid cultivating it. I listen to the recent little music that is to apply the logic of the company to the school. The Excel spreadsheet model is the one that derailed the public hospital, it is a model that makes our children suffer,” he chastised.

consensus conference

Yannick Jadot wants to tackle two minefields of national education: school rhythms and the school map. And in order not to provoke the outcry that François Hollande had to endure at the beginning of his five-year term in office, the ecologist is counting on a consensus conference at the beginning of his term. A conference that would bring together the entire educational world, including parents and local communities. “Our compass will be the well-being of all students and the need to protect faculty office hours. The French school remains one of those where the days are the busiest for the students, “he pointed out.

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Yannick Jadot last week spoke of his desire to shorten school holidays, a potentially controversial idea. “We can schedule vacation time without increasing the hours of teachers who already work between 40 and 42 hours a week. We can make them work differently,” he argued, referring to the consensus conference.

The “school of the 21st” sought by the ecologist “saves from the logic of power that guarantees plurality and independence of its members”.

Allocation to institutions according to criteria of social and scientific diversity

Another axis of his project is to put an end to “school separatism”. Modeled on the SRU Housing Law, it proposes a system of progressive endowments of public and private entities. It allocates human and material resources according to criteria of social and academic diversity. 2 hours of hands-on learning per week (crafting, repairing, cultivating, gardening, cooking) are also integrated into the college program. “I will involve crafts, agriculture and industry to familiarize the students with the challenges of ecological change and to anchor knowledge locally. I will enable students to explore nature by discovering life around them, moving around the city and doing sports,” he argues.

The education package, estimated at 4.5 billion per year, should allow for the hiring of 65,000 teachers over the five-year term, the creation of a local teacher replacement service, the improvement of shared teaching practices, and timed counseling and team counseling. Teacher salaries will increase by 20% by the end of 2027.

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