Education: Strike suspension extended by 2 months |

The Sena-Conasysed coalition held a general assembly on March 26. It has decided to suspend again for two months the strike movement that had started since the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. She says she wants to give the new minister time to respond effectively to current issues.

Representative of the Coalition Office on March 26 to Martine Oulabou. ©DR

After a two-month suspension of its strike movement, the coalition of the National Education Union (Sena) and the National Convention of Unions in the Education System (Conasysed) took stock on March 26. Overall, this coalition notes that the work of the Dialogue Commission is complete and the report is sent to the Minister for National Education, Camélia Ntoutoume; that a mixed commission be set up in charge of counting the number of teachers awaiting regulation of administrative situations.

Some unionized teachers during the March 26 General Assembly. ©DR

If the state representations have already been named, the Commission should enable data to be collected for comparison with those of the public service. “This commission does not deal with cases of direct recruitment by the National Education System“, indicates the minutes of the General Assembly of March 26, which indicates that Camélia Ntoutoume promised to write to the Minister of Public Service to publish the lists of regularizations of administrative situations. The Minister for National Education has also pledged to follow up on the files affected by the payment of final payments and indicated that they could be considered for fiscal year 2023.

One of the points that would decide whether the strike movement could continue was the reimbursement of assets amputated during the strike movement. In this regard, teachers note that the month of November 2021 has been reimbursed. So the month of December remains, which should be at the end of April 2022.”Some were forgotten in this operation. The coalition is committed to working with the guardianship in its favorsaid coalition officials who: “Many teachers claim to be in this situation because they went on strike, although the facts show that authorities are sanctioning the resignation“. The latter should therefore present the administrative documents of their presence at the post to regulate their situation.

The teachers judgedQuite satisfactorythe government’s efforts and decided to suspend the strike movement again. They say they want to granta little time for the new minister to respond effectively to the ongoing dossiers as the dialogue continues“. The suspension of the strike, according to the coalition, will be extended until May 26, 2022, the date of the next general meeting.

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