Education, health, economy, environment… We compared the programs of the candidates

Anyone who throws their ballot paper into the ballot box elects a personality. For a journey, a party, a vision. And most importantly for a program. Yes, but here you are, you haven’t been able to follow every session or TV debate because you’re not a political journalist. What about election propaganda? It’s still blocked in your mailbox (which itself is blocked).

So of course as a loyal reader 20 minutesHave you tried our Cevipof-Sciences butt compass several times, which will tell you which candidate best suits your needs. But you tell yourself that a little reminder still wouldn’t be too much. Just to be sure. That’s good, 20 Minutes has been watching the candidates’ broadcasts for several weeks.

health suggestions

The hospital. The Covid-19 crisis isn’t over yet, but the public hospital hasn’t waited for the pandemic to hurt. Training and rewarding caregivers, reopening beds, strengthening bridges between public and private… Each of the candidates is aware of the limitations of the current system. But when the diagnosis is shared, the means are different, as we have explained to you here.

The Nursing Homes. The other strong health issue, of course, is the Orpea affair and the future of nursing homes. Have the candidates adequately grasped the age issue? What measures do you propose to enable our seniors to lead a decent everyday life? Do you want to improve the working conditions of the employees? Avoid deviations? We’ll answer them there.

Medicinal deserts. They return to every presidential election. And 2022 was no exception. A problem that is likely to grow with the aging of the population, the ongoing shortage of general practitioners and chronic diseases that will become more common in the coming years. how to cure it Here are the candidates’ answers.

Early childhood. Difficult to find a place in the debates between the war in Ukraine, the Covid-19 or the McKinsey affair. However, there are some things to be said about early childhood and ways to improve it. Increase in parental leave and crèche places, tax cuts for all families from the first child… Who is planning what?

educational suggestions

Teacher. It is a profession that candidates should appreciate because its future interests students’ parents. What are the candidates for the highest office for teachers proposing? If there is a consensus to raise wages, some want to condition them. The left relies on recruitment when others want to check the use of teachers. Without forgetting the question of education, here too the candidates are far from unanimous. To get an idea, here it is.

Elementary school. Let’s go to the other side of the class to see the suggestions that will appeal to young students (and will interest parents even more). School calendar reform, support measures, focus on discipline, reduction in class size… Candidates were busy but not sure if everyone got good grades. You are the judge of that.

students. At the other end of the school career, the problems are just as numerous. How to free the faculties? Should we bury Parcoursup? What to do with registration fees or student residences? This age group is particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and has many expectations. But which candidate will be able to fill it?

suggestions on the economy

The purchasing power. The left wants to push through the minimum wage, the right wants social security contributions. All are confronted with runaway inflation and rising energy prices, consequences of the war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic. But who has the right formula to improve the purchasing power of the French, one of the big themes of the campaign? Here are their suggestions.

The youth. Talking to young people means talking about money. A strong bet to limit their abstinence. New this year: While the left-wing parties traditionally make social proposals for them, this time everyone is getting involved. Young RSA, citizen income, employment contract, collective employment contract, everyone has their own more or less new idea. The other levers for action? Study grants, taxes or special grants. We run the programs here.

food sovereignty. Another consequence of the last two years, the combination of the Covid-19 crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine: food sovereignty is fueling the debate. Regaining your autonomy is good, but how do you do it? We must bet on local production, but also emphasize protectionism, some candidates propose. Without forgetting to help the main stakeholders: farmers and breeders. A huge project that is dividing the contenders for the Elysée.

The environmental proposals

The energy transition. It’s everywhere, but in what proportion exactly in the programs? Their comparison reveals many divisions. Nuclear power, wind power, building renovation, the place of the car in the cities, there is no consensus on this. The only exception: the electric revolution in the automobile. To get an idea, click here.

The Biodiversity. Again and again there is a heated debate – the hunt – with its advantages and disadvantages. But biodiversity issues and the proposals that accompany them are much broader. We are talking about the socialization of soils, forest management, the use of pesticides and animal welfare. Topics that the candidates did not all take up on their own.

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