Education: from the Parcoursup to the return of mathematics for everyone, a hectic balance sheet

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Relations between the teaching staff and the Ministry of National Education are not good. The issue of increasing the salary of professors, no matter how committed they may be, is not taking the expected path. As for Emmanuel Macron’s “work more to earn more” scheme, it made her jump. Despite the health crisis, important reforms were implemented during the five-year term. While the most recent PISA study (International Program for Monitoring Student Achievement of the OECD) pointed to a decline in the level of French students and a widening of inequalities, class divisions in primary school have reduced certain gaps. But it’s just a tremor on a path that promises to be long.

The Gymnasium and the Bac also experienced one of their most important reforms, with the establishment of an establishment approaching that of the University or the Grandes Écoles. The aim is to better prepare future students for this environment. The L, S and ES series have given way to a mix of specialty courses that has bothered more than one. Since these decisions depend on the continuation of studies after high school and administration may have seemed complex, especially in higher education institutions that are sometimes ill-prepared to accommodate these new profiles.

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But it was the question of mathematics that shook the whole building and spattered Jean-Michel Blanquer, who had built it. The Minister of Education, despite his long experience in this position, was imposed by the President of the Republic on a restoration of mathematics for everyone, which will be complicated to carry out. While some universities have made clear breakthroughs in the Shanghai rankings, the lack of resources and teachers prevents most from supporting their students’ success.

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