Education: Announced near colleges in San Pedro Department

Minister Mariatou Koné welcomed the actions of the Millennium Challenge Account Côte d’Ivoire (MCA-Côte d’Ivoire)

Four local colleges will soon emerge in the basins of Youwasso, Oueoulo and Adjamene, and Mané, localities in the Department of San Pedro. At the initiative of Millenium Challenge Corporation (Mcc) and funded by the US government, construction of these facilities began on Friday, March 25 in San Pedro.

Regarding the building that will be constructed in Youwasso, Rajan Florence, General Manager of the Millennium Challenge Account Côte d’Ivoire (Mca-Côte d’Ivoire), stated that the facility will accommodate 640 children in an R+1 building with 16 Classrooms will house an administration building, a computer room, a playground, separate toilets for girls and boys, two sports fields and a soccer field.

“It is the culmination of a process that certainly took time but was necessary to ensure the social acceptability of the communities, the security of the plots, the quality of the studies and consequently the sustainability of the investments,” she said.

In addition, the Oueoulo and Adjamene basins will be built according to the same plan. On the other hand, for the Mane basin, it is a college with 8 classrooms being built given the numbers. MCC Resident Country Director Laura Rudert recalled that the US government’s goal is to support Ivorian efforts to build a modern, diversified and prosperous economy thanks to a well-educated and healthy population.

According to him, about 7,000 students are currently enrolled in primary schools, with 54% of girls expected to benefit from these schools. Approximately 7,000 students currently enrolled in primary schools, 54% of whom are girls, are expected to benefit from these schools. “Achieving the goals of this American donation will depend on the value we want to give it, on whether it is used in the best way (…). It is not a new building that offers a brighter future. We need good, well-trained teachers, excellent educational leaders, parents and communities who support their children’s education. We want to ensure that the children of this country have the right environment for their studies, including support from their parents and safety for the little girls,” she said. Not without assuring the US government’s commitment to continue to guide Côte d’Ivoire through the MCC to the success of this program.

The Minister for National Education and Literacy, Mariatou Koné, on behalf of the Secretary General of the Presidency, Abdourahmane Cissé, conveyed to the US government the recognition of the State for the support of the education sector in Côte of ivory. By the end of this year 2022, 16 more local colleges are scheduled to start in the Gbêkê and San Pedro regions to complete the first phase. As a reminder, MCC is an independent and innovative American foreign aid organization whose mission is to end world poverty. It provides effective US foreign assistance that takes into account good governance, ownership and country results. Mca-Côte d’Ivoire acts as the independent management body for the implementation of the Côte d’Ivoire Compact program, a fund that aims to generate inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty.

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