Education: 360 Development in Burkina provides sports equipment for around twenty schools and protective equipment for staff

The national representative of Servace Maryse Dabou, who works in the education sector in Burkina Faso, provided sports equipment and protective equipment for the staff of the beneficiary schools to around twenty schools in Kadiogo and Bazèga. The award ceremony took place on Saturday, April 9, 2022 at the Tanghin Dam school in Ouagadougou.

Sets of shirts, stockings and balls, this is the composition of the donation made available to around twenty schools in Kadiogo and Bazèga by 360 développement (360 DVT) in Burkina Faso. Among the beneficiary schools we can mention the Ouidi Municipal School A and B, the Song-pelcé School, the Goupana School A and B, Tanghin Barrage A, B and C, Karpala A, Komdagnoré, Balkouy B, among others.

In addition to this sports equipment, the employees of the schools mentioned were given face masks to protect themselves from Covid-19, but also from other dangers. This activity was made possible thanks to the accompaniment of a partner, namely “The Warrior’s Spices”.

participant view

In his speech, the national representative of 360 DVT first recalled that the organization has been active in the Burkinabe school environment since 2013. Referring to the achievements, “we have equipped primary schools with computer equipment for sport and education in the Centre, Hauts-Bassins, Boucle du Mouhoun, North and Centre-South regions,” said Servace Maryse Dabou. Thanks to SURMESUR, he continues, 360 DVT have managed to renovate and equip the pitches of the primary schools in the Centre, Boucle du Mouhoun and Centre-Sud according to FIFA standards. Returning to the purpose of this meeting, he shared that 360 Development contributes to the practice of sport in primary school through the donation of Saturday April 9, 2022. But that’s not all. As the school is the pillar of a nation, it is evident that this base is well maintained and even strengthened.

Symbolic handover of the sports equipment

“We wanted to set an example that there are no small gestures. The small gesture should help convey a message. And our message is that everyone can do something. We who are volunteers, because 360 ​​​​development is an associative NGO, we want to give this signal and make a call to all the people in love with the child so that the Burkinabé school contributes its sport in primary school ‘ suggested the provincial officer. He also pointed to the dominant nature of sport in people’s lives within society, while emphasizing the virtues of unity, social cohesion, physical, mental and moral development.

“We are fully satisfied if we manage to influence the educational environment,” suggested the national representative of 360 Development

“These are things that should not be overlooked,” emphasizes Mr. Dabou. All these virtues have motivated the action of 360 développement. On behalf of the beneficiaries, the director of the Tanghin dam C school recognized the gesture of 360 degrees of development. “In the field of education, this acquired material will be of great use. Because we are committed to the physical, moral and social development of the child, sport offers children the opportunity to exchange ideas and to promote their physical development. In the end it will create solidarity, mutual help and it will add a lot to individual teaching in the classes,” he said.

The director of Tanghin Dam C School praised the initiative

Long before the handover ceremony, the final of an inter-school football tournament was played. In this final, the Tanghin Dam A school team faced the Tanghin Dam B school team. The first team won on penalties.

The final of the football tournament

As a reminder, 360 DVT was founded in 2010 by young Burkinabes living in Canada, led by Boris Salou, a civil engineer in Quebec. Since its inception, more than 100,000 Burkinabe children have been affected by its actions. The organization is planning to renovate and equip ten football pitches in several primary schools in our country.

Aïssata Laure G. Sidibé

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