Easter cakes in Nogaro: the Cauhaupé family asks Paul…

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We knew Nicolas the father, Édouard the eldest; this is Paul Cauhaupe. The very young Toulousain, 16, will make his debut this weekend at the Gers Paul-Armagnac circuit, which is finding its dear audience after two troubled years.

After Nicolas Cauhaupé had “piloted” Édouard, who now flies solo, he took over the helm of his second son. At the age of 16 (without a license necessarily…), the age when we discovered the potential of the “big ones”, Paul is about to start, at home or almost, as the season is reborn in Nogaro. “In the early afternoon, shortly after class, I pick him up from the Lycée Bellevue and we drive to the Gers to be checked…” Nicolas continues: “Am 16 French high school diploma!”

“I never raced there but I shot in Nogaro”

Many kilometers to support his brother, and then a small go-kart, a small fellow jet (and successes entering Ledenon with the boots … of Olivier Pla, role model and family friend), and everything went smoothly for the former tennis player ( classified 15/3 at age 12). A banal discussion at Le Castellet with Lilou Wadoux (the Amiénoise is now racing long distances with Sébastien Ogier), Gilles Zaffini, the boss of Autosport GP, who is looking for a youngster for the Alpine Elf Europa Cup and here we go! Passing the December tests with flying colours, Cauhaupé Jr. finds himself on board for an enticing 2022 programme: six meetings in Nogaro, Magny-Cours, Zandvoort, Barcelona, ​​Monza and Paul-Ricard!

A European tour on the most prestigious racetracks with the Easter High Mass in the Gers as the prelude.

“I’m fine easygoing Paul on the way home from school, I’m not stressed at all, it may come over the weekend but for now I’m looking forward to it having never raced there having done it I shot Nogaro during a coaching day with CD Sport, also in a fellow jet, and then I was able to drive precisely with the Alpine in Magny-Cours and Nogaro…”

“I didn’t know ABS yet”

At the wheel of the A 110 he obviously had the feeling of making a big leap forward. “It’s already going much faster now! And then I didn’t know ABS at all, I had a bit of trouble with braking at the start… The car is very agile from behind, but that’s good, I think I’ll get used to it remember it quickly.”

As a TFC fervent supporter like Édouard, Paul is delighted with his club’s projected promotion to Ligue 1 and hopes to find a few opportunities to go to the stadium between meetings. Stéphanie and Nicolas, their equally passionate parents, remain very demanding for their studies (like Édouard). Gérard, the grandfather, will also play his role, “little Paul” will be well supported. He will take the stage in a car sponsored by Patrick Roger, the chocolate sculptor.

You can’t imagine anything better at Easter…

Edward in Germany

Édouard Cauhaupé, who won the Asian LeMans Series very early this year in Dubai on a Ligier JS P 320 (with Briton Nicholas Adcock and Denmark’s Michael Jensen), will spend the season crossing the Rhine. He has just joined Team Mücke Motorsport and will drive a Mercedes-AMG GT4 in BWT colors in the DTM Trophy. After England 2021 at United Autosports a new stage. “I will discover driving alone in GT 4”, specifies the Toulousain, who will be a spectator in Nogaro.

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