Drought in Somalia: “Act now or 350,000 children will die”

  • Until Mercy Friday
  • BBC News, Galkayo

Nimco and her baby on a hospital bed
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Nimco Abdi’s daughter is malnourished.

As Somalia faces what experts say is its worst drought in a decade, children are bearing the brunt. Parents are struggling to feed them, and nearly half of the country’s population under the age of five is at risk of acute malnutrition by June.

Nimco Abdi gently places her six-month-old baby girl on a plastic basin supported by sisal ropes. The scales on which the cymbal is suspended indicate 0.6 stone (4 kg). That’s almost half of a child’s ideal weight.

She is too small for her age. His eyes are sunken, his bones protrude, and his skin is wrinkled and pale. She lets out a low, barely audible scream as Nimco picks her up.

“I used to breastfeed her. But I got sick because of the lack of food. And she got so skinny that I decided to bring her here. At least she can get milk and medicine,” says Nimco.

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