Does breast milk in bath water really make babies cute?

The so-called “liquid gold” might also have a more surprising use…

So wait a little before dumping that milk you expressed a few days ago down the sink: there might still be some under the hood!

Although no scientific study confirms this, breast milk sprayed in the water of your child’s bath could help I have very soft skin.

Breast milk in bath water, what to think of that?

We asked Laurence Netter, dermatologist, this question. For her, since there is no scientific evidence on the subject, she doesn’t recommend it.

Don’t add anything to the bath water and don’t let kids soak too much in it to avoid drying out their skin.

We also asked our favorite midwife, Anna Roy, what she thought of this technique.

There are no studies on this, but it is definitely safe for the baby. If parents want to add milk, why not! The effectiveness is not proven, but everyone does what they want, there is no injunction!

And on the practical side, how do we go about it? Can we put milk that has been lying around in a bottle for hours on the bedside table risk free? Does the milk have to be fresh, like fresh from the breast?

La Leche League, the well-known breastfeeding association and inexhaustible advisor, explains that theBreast milk, even if it is not fresh and slightly acidic, can easily be added to the bath water. Just like Cleopatra, who liked to bathe in donkey milk to soften her skin, breast milk would have the same benefits, less the horse side.

As a reminder, breast milk only has a lifespan of 4 to 6 hours at room temperature at high temperatures, or 24 hours at 15 degrees. It can be stored in the fridge for 5 to 8 days, frozen much longer.

Mixing milk in the bath, is that really possible?

If adding breast milk to baby’s bath water has no scientifically proven benefits but it is safe, what do those who use it daily think?

We asked several breastfeeding mothers who use this technique what they think of it.

for Kath, Breast milk has several virtues : “I also added oatmeal and the breastmilk/oat mix was magical! ». She also used her milk to clean her baby’s nose and eyes and break up her cradle cap.

Pauline on the other hand don’t see big differences: “I’ve tried pretty much everything, powders, breast milk… other things, but nothing worked on her skin! He scratches himself all the time. I’m the same and it’s grown up. »

Agathe, whose tap water is particularly calcareous, notices this her baby’s skin is softer when she uses her milk in the bath: “If you don’t add milk, my baby tends to get eczema more easily! Her skin is softer with the milk.”

But it doesn’t stop there: Agathe even makes soap from their own milkthat the whole family uses. His recipe? “Aleppo soap, sweet almond oil and breast milk! We also wash with this soap, my spouse and I, and it definitely softens and heals.”

A soap recipe with mom? OK, we need to know more.

This baby seems happy to have a tub his size.  Photo credit: Henley Design Studio / Pexels
This baby seems happy to have a tub his size. Credits:
Henley Design Studio / Pexels

How do you make breast milk soap?

We’ve scoured the web to find THE best recipe, and on the website of the (awesome) breastfeeding clothing brand TajineBanane, we found the one that seems to be the most popular with breastfeeding moms. There she is :

100ml milk
• 100 g Aleppo (or Marseille) soap flakes
• 3 tablespoons coconut oil
• 2nd tablespoons of honey
• Optional: 25 drops of essential oil compatible with pregnancy and lactation (such as vanilla or tangerine)

TajineBanane explains the procedure relatively simply:

“Melt very gently in a saucepan over a water bath. We’ll keep the essential oil drops aside for now. Mix your potion regularly. Once your mixture is homogeneous and well melted, you can remove it from the heat and add a few drops of essential oil if you like. Very quickly you need to shape your little soaps, for that prefer muffin style silicone molds. If you have any in Paw Patrol, it can do that too.

Leave your molds in the fridge overnight – make sure they are set before demolding your soaps.

Last step that will test your patience, find a cool, dry place and let your soaps sit for about a month before bathing your baby with them! »

So who’s going to play modern day Cleopatra and take a little breast milk bath this week?

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