Disney “woke up” too? A conservative outlet will offer children their own content

American media outlet Daily Wire on Wednesday announced an investment of at least $100 million over three years to create conservative content to compete with world No. 1 entertainment company Disney, deemed too “awake”.

The English term is defined as alert, aware and alert to inequalities, such as The duty pointed this out in an article on the subject last summer.

Co-founder Jeremy Boreing, also referred to as the “God King” in his media, stated in an article on the subject published on his website that ” [les Américains] are tired of giving their money to “bright” media that want to indoctrinate their children with radical theories about race and gender. »

That’s why next year the Daily Wire will see the birth of a new component called DW Kids, which will feature animated shows as much as live and will lack LGBTQ+ content. It will be a distribution platform accessible to American media subscribers.

The project was discussed on the podcast by media co-founder, ultraconservative Ben Shapiro, just over a week ago. The latter had hinted that the Disney company he once loved had gone political, with homosexual characters even going so far as to kiss. Disney “was held hostage by the ‘Wokes'”. He then elaborated on the idea of ​​counter-programming for the benefit of children without adding details.

The children’s initiative was originally scheduled to be unveiled in November 2022, but the two men felt Disney’s recent stance on the controversial Don’t Say Gay law deserved a faster public announcement.

The law, passed Monday, now bans teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity to students in kindergarten through third grade in Florida.

During the law’s passage process in early March, Disney chairman and CEO Bob Chapeka initially told employees that the company’s stories were “powerful than any tweets or lobbying.”

This memo, disclosed by The Hollywood Reporter, generated great pressure from staff who felt this response was inadequate. The CEO eventually condemned the law and halted all political donations in Florida, where the company’s largest theme park is located. The company, which claims to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, has nonetheless been criticized for its long silence.

Between media and shaving society

This isn’t the first time the Daily Wire has competed against a company with differing political views. And according to them, it will not be the last.

Earlier this month, Daily Wire founded shaving company Jeremy’s Razors in revenge on Harry’s Company, a former advertiser. This company ended its association with Daily Wire after one of its hosts made “inexcusable” comments about LGBTQ+ people.

In response to this withdrawal, Daily Wire started its own shaving company on behalf of one of its executives. One of the addresses that links to the new company’s website is ihateharrys.com.

As Jeremy Boreing explained on Wednesday in connection with these two new companies with clear goals: “We will wait here. We will challenge them in trade. […] Americans have been waiting for these alternatives, and we will give them. »

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