Discontinuation: A family’s legal victory over doctors who pleaded unreasonable stubbornness

The treatment of 70-year-old Jean-Claude is not stopped. This is the decision of the Montreuil Administrative Court, which has been challenged by the patient’s family. The medical teams at the Ballanger hospital center in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) had decided to stop treatment should his health deteriorate.

The Administrative Court of Montreuil, in its recent decision, ordered the doctors of the Robert-Ballanger (CHI) intercommunal hospital center in Aulnay-sous-Bois “not to implement the decision of February 15, 2022 to stop active therapies”.

Jean-Claude Seknagi, 70, is at the center of a court case between his family and CHI’s management and medical teams, who believe the situation is unduly grim. Jean-Claude Seknagi, who was admitted to Jean-Verdier in Bondy last November suspected of having Alzheimer’s, subsequently chained hospitalizations for multiple infections. First to René-Muret in Sevran, then to André-Grégoire in Montreuil, to Forcilles in Férolles-Attilly and finally to Ballanger.

Treated for sepsis, Montreuil’s ventilators already agreed on a “LAT,” limiting or stopping treatment in the event of a relapse. Then the medical teams in Ballanger, where the 70-year-old is being treated for pneumonia, make a similar decision.

A decision that is not accepted by the patient’s family. In a supporting video, his wife and children affirm that Jean-Claude Seknagi wants to live on and therefore decides to take legal action and make his case public. A petition launched on the Internet two months ago has so far collected almost 10,000 signatures.

A specialist commissioned by the Administrative Court of Montreuil wrote an expert opinion on the patient’s state of health. His conclusions, recorded on March 9th, confirmed the decision of Robert-Ballanger’s medical team and ordered additional tests “on a compassionate basis”.

Since, “My father’s condition was improving and the doctors at the hearing (which took place in court on April 6) could not deny it. It proved them wrong.” comment The ParisianIlan Seknagi, the patient’s son.

“It is undisputed that the sacral pressure ulcer from which Mr. Seknagi was suffering developed favorably from the end of March and that Mr. Seknagi, who no longer shows any signs of infection, can move certain limbs, states the Chamber Judge in his order. gestures that are only “simple reflexes”, according to the medical team.

In its decision, the administrative court specified that “this order does not prevent a new decision (…) from the doctor treating the patient, taking into account the recent development of his state of health.”

The management of the hospital has not yet announced that it will appeal. On the other hand, this Monday, April 11, Ilan Seknagi filed a moral harassment complaint against the hospital.

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