Disappearance of the family man in Mougins: The entrails of the defendant’s La Terrazza restaurant raise questions

Laurent Lugrezi and Nahed Daada have been standing before the Alpes-Maritimes Assize Court for six days. The owners of the La Terrazza restaurant in Mougins are accused of kidnapping Frédéric Castellano, 44, on the evening of July 29, 2014 and making him disappear Bodywork.

On the sixth day, the debates focus on the restaurant they ran at 762 avenue du Tournamy, the place where Frédéric Castellano, a debt-ridden merchant, married, father of three children, was last seen alive.

virtual visit

The defendants were in contact with this carambouille supporter and were able to get him three loans of 80,000 euros while the establishment was in trouble.

Investigators followed the strange course of this loan, obtained with forged documents, some of which ended up in the pockets of restorers. On the other hand, it is impossible to find Frédéric Castellano.

A gendarme in charge of technical inspections in the restaurant during a wave of arrests in 2016 offers a virtual tour of the premises: a few tables on the terrace by the window of the establishment, a fairly pleasant main room, an adjoining kitchen then a reserve in the basement.

“We sprayed the area with luminol to find traces of blood,” says the interviewer. The tiniest drop of hemoglobin, even purified, causes a bluish luminescent reaction.

“How do you explain that this pavement is so clean?”

“Polymers, bleach, rust can also react with luminol”, adds the constable. If traces of blood were found all over the restaurant, none revealed the missing person’s genetic profile.

On the other hand, a gypsum tile wall intrigued investigators. After drilling it, they fell on the double doors of an emergency exit, direct access to the common parts of the basement. Could a body have been exfiltrated from the restaurant via this underground route? President Bonnici to Laurent Lugrezi: “How do you explain that this pavement is so clean?”

The accused, who has been rather relaxed since the opening of his trial, hesitates: “Maybe because we had pushed ourselves in front of refrigerators or boxes. The restorer claims to have always known this wall: “Let’s ask the owner. Maybe you can clarify it with the inventory”, proposes the accused.

At the end of the day, Sébastien appears at the top. He was a waiter in material time. “I worked for Laurent and Dadou from 8am to 3pm. I don’t remember seeing Mr. Castellano,” summarizes the last witness. “Do you remember in reserve a fire door with a bar that you push?, asks the President. “Yes, absolutely.” “Didn’t you know that it’s walled in?” “No,” confirms the server. For the first time, the defendants appear angry.

patron “Regulate” most “shady”

I, Audrey Vazzana, takes control on the defense:

“Didn’t you go back to work in the same place long after that?

That’s right.

– Do not confuse it with the configuration of the locations of Casa Nostra?

– I do not think so.”

Sebastian, paid”completely black”She describes a restaurant with questionable hygiene, regular customers “Regulate” most “ladles”.Everyone knew something was up. […] These are printsthe witness admits. One day they had carried out a great purification. I found that funny.”

“On the phone you talk about acid”, remarks the President. “Yes… degreasing products”, defuse the witness.

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