Director Olivier Casas on the search for “Forest Children”

Oliver Casas was born in Gironde. When he was only six years old he discovered “Fraud“, a film that will turn his life upside down and open up the world of cinema for him. He devours thousands of films and tears off small cinema tickets Columns at Blanquefort then goes “up to the capital” to work there as a television cameraman. Cinematographer, editor, cinematographer, he must understand everything about visual professions like a conductor knows the tools needed to write and perform a score. Olivier Casas has directed a number of short films, including a short version of “baby monitor“, which will be his first film in 2017. In Place des Grands hommes, our guest tells, with sincerity and humility, about his journey, his dreams, his doubts and his determination to make his childhood dreams come true.

children of the forest

Director Olivier Casas has decided to narrate in his next film children of the forest, the true story of two young brothers (Michel and Patrice) who lived in the forest for 7 years in Charente-Maritime in the 1950s The two little brothers, aged 4 and 5, were abandoned by their mother in the summer of 1948 while they were in a holiday home in Charente-Maritime. The two boys then fled into the forest to grow up alone like wild children for 7 years. Together they will demonstrate exceptional adaptability and develop an extraordinary fusion bond, says director Olivier Casas, who of a “great linkbetween the two brothers.

“I’m looking for boys between the ages of 5 and 12 for the roles of Mathieu Kassovitz and Yvan Attal”

It’s a bit of a race against time. With the film Les enfants de la forêt set to begin filming in New Aquitaine this summer, Olivier Casas is on the lookout for these little actors. Children”lively, agile, imaginative and sensitive

How do I submit an application?

We will follow these two characters from their early childhood until they are 12 years old. So you can apply if you have Boys between 5 and 12 years old, Caucasian type, brown with hazel eyes. Welcome siblings. Sporty kids who enjoy rock climbing, via ferrata, camping, scouting or other intrepid activities…

When applying, please send 2/3 true-to-life and current photos of your child with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • age and date of birth
  • size and height
  • City and place of residence and zip code
  • phone number
  • Optionally, a short 30-second video of your child sharing their favorite activity in nature.
  • The address for sending your documents is: read

The film will be shot this summer, with a theatrical release planned for 2023.

Casting Team: Valérie Spain Maeva Gauthier Isabelle Audouard

Olivier CASAS
Olivier CASAS
Olivier CASAS

above ARP Civil Society of Authors Directors Producers

Oliver Casas began his television career in 1999 as a cameraman, then a cameraman on documentaries. After a few years in film, he trained as an editor and became a television editor.

In 2003 he directed his first short film. head misunderstandingthat he produced himself. Episodes in 2005 and 2007 canned goods etc I’m femmosexual… and you?with Arthur Jugnot and Alysson Paradis, a romantic Parisian fable filmed in Super16, black and white, selected in several festivals around the world.

Through the development of a scenario that develops in the world of art, he is introduced to painting and, parallel to cinema, starts a career as a contemporary artist under the pseudonym KZAS. At that time he was presented in several Parisian galleries, regularly exhibited at contemporary art fairs or at auctions.

In 2013 he made his fifth short film baby phone, which multiplies the choice at international festivals. He won awards at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival. He eventually adapted this short film into a feature film to shoot in 2016. With Medi Sadoun, Anne Marivin, Pascal Demolon and Michel Jonasz notably in the cast, the film arrived theatrically in March 2017 after being selected for official competition at the Alpe d’Huez Comedy Film Festival that same year.

Olivier Casas is currently preparing his second feature film.

Filmography (director/screenwriter/producer)

feature film
baby phone – Released March 8, 2017 – Produced by Baby Phone Cinéma and Nexus Factory – Distributed by La Belle Company

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short films (director/screenwriter)
2013 : baby phone – 14′
2010 : beauty or the beast – 15′
2007 : I’m femmosexual… and you? – 7′
2005 : canned goods – 5′
2003 : head misunderstanding – 14′

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