Diane’s mom-to-be finally reveals her baby’s gender on video

Koh Lanta It’s an adventure show viewers must see. The program has been a hit on TF1 for 20 years. But it doesn’t just allow the winners to win big bucks, the contestants to surpass themselves or make the public dream. As a matter of fact, Koh Lanta also allows strangers to become real public figures. This is also the case with our tab, which is followed by more than 16,000 internet users. Therefore, close to her subscribers, Diane makes sure to update them on important events in their lives. And what’s more important than seeing the family grow? objecto tells you everything!

Diane shares great news for fans of Koh Lanta

In fact, fans of Koh Lanta quickly becoming the favorite among the candidates. And for a good portion of them, during the season of Koh Lanta: The 4 Terres, it was Diane who was in the lead. Unfortunately, the young woman could not get very far in the adventure. While, according to her fans, she fully deserved it. But what do you want? It takes losers so that in the end there is only one winner. And on this point, Diane has shown admirable athleticism. Because she managed to overcome her disappointment to applaud Alexandra, the big winner of this unforgettable season.

“Final gossip for our Koh Lanta season: Les 4 Terres! After an early exit, it was pure luck for me to be able to follow the adventures of my adventurer friends. And how fortunate to be able to make such encounters! Congratulations to Alexandra on this fabulous climb, a well deserved win. Can’t wait for Koh-Lanta to hit our screens again!!!! »That’s what Diane wrote on her Instagram account after Alexandra’s coronation.

Time passed and Diane could imagine that with the fans Koh Lanta those who followed her on the web would leave one by one. But how objecto As you were told above, many of them still remain subscribers to the young woman’s content. This way you can get to know them better. In particular, they know that she is in a relationship with a rugby player and that they are very happy together.

The former adventuress is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life

Indeed, netizens know how to pay attention to detail when it comes to their favorite public figure. Diane, therefore, did not escape the guesses and questions of her subscribers, especially those who discovered her Koh Lanta, on TF1. And it wouldn’t be long before she stopped ignoring them to finally tell them they were right. In fact, many assumed Diane was expecting a child. And less than a week ago, she confirmed her doubts!

“Well done friends! Thibault and I are expecting a mini-we in August 2022. What luck and what impatience to expand the family after 6 years of love. Sunday at our gender reveal party to find out if the baby is going to be a little girl or a little boy. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR NICE MESSAGES. »wrote the former adventurer of Koh Lanta. At the same time, it invites its subscribers to be ready for the next release. Because it will include photos and videos from their gender reveal party!

These famous pictures arrived just two days after Diane’s pregnancy was announced. The fans of Koh Lanta and all of the young woman’s other followers could then find out whether the couple was expecting a little girl or a little boy. For this, Diane’s companion had to kick a wrong rugby ball. The shock on this fake balloon made it explode and a blue or pink color came out. readers ofobjecto understood, pink heralds the arrival of a little girl and blue a little boy.

“It’s… one of the best days of my life. Everything was perfect! Thanks for all my love @thidaub and thanks to all our amazing family and friends! »wrote the former adventurer of Koh Lantaobviously very excited.

To know the outcome of this emotional day, all you have to do is click on Diane’s publication. But how objecto promised to tell you everything: it’s a boy! The former adventurer Koh Lanta: The 4 Terres So get ready to experience the greatest adventure of your life! Congratulations to the parents-to-be!

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