Development of children through games and video games

Playing is something very natural for children. It allows them to have a lot of fun. And this joy obtained through play, including video games, makes it possible to direct the child towards activities that allow him to develop at different levels. Because he must exercise his gaming activity within well-defined rules, using his thinking, learning through a virtual reality headset, acquiring skills and knowledge, and having social interactions with others.

The development of intellectual abilities

During the game, all of the child’s senses are used, making it much easier to acquire knowledge. He will have to repeat certain actions many times and he will also find that each of his actions has consequences such as: B. Cheating scrabble for example, which in itself is not advisable. It will also be an opportunity for him to develop his imagination greatly.

The development of social skills

Games where the child has social interactions are preferred. In this way, the child learns to express his ideas in front of other people and this allows him to better organize his thoughts, develop his language and communication skills. He will also have to learn to argue, to find compromises, etc. He will also learn to listen, a skill that unfortunately is still underdeveloped in adults. He will learn to recognize different emotions in others and adapt to his surroundings.

Bodily development

The child has the opportunity to develop their motor skills through games or video games. Games involving significant physical activity (thanks to virtual reality headsets!) are good for his health. They allow him to exert himself, to use all his energy, and this allows him to release endorphins, which makes for a feeling of well-being. It also promotes muscle building and improved mobility. Physical games with well-established rules also allow him to develop his intellectual abilities, and if it is also group games where there are social interactions, this type of game will develop different abilities of the child.

sensory development

Anything that benefits the child’s five senses – namely sight, smell, hearing, touch and why not taste – should be encouraged. Even so, it is often touch that is brought forward in sensory play. In these games, the child is often encouraged to manipulate objects and gain a better understanding of the notions of size, weight, shape, and texture.

to from 2 months

From 2 months up to the age of 2 years, so-called movement games are to be preferred. These are simple games like throwing objects, catching different objects, jumping, climbing, etc. They allow the child to develop their motor skills and discover their body. These simple games, thanks to a quick achievement of the goal, give the child an immediate sense of satisfaction. These games can last up to the age of 9 and of course evolve in terms of complexity, but from the age of 2 they can be combined with other types of games. However, at the video game level, care must be taken not to leave them alone in front of a tablet and to limit the exposure time.

to from 2 years

Especially between the ages of 2 and 4, but also beyond, the child can play with imitation of reality. He can play mom and dad, play with toy cars, situation games he invents himself. This allows him to integrate social norms and develop his communication skills. And in video games, there are no limits to your imagination!

child ipad

to from 2-3 years

At the age of 2-3 years the child can start playing games with clearly defined rules. This allows him to understand the role of the rules, the place of others, the group, and allows him to improve his social skills and understand his place in society. It also allows him to understand that in life you can’t always win and sometimes you have to lose. Matching games where the rules are part of the game are good for children from this age. Educational video games are perfect for this time and avoid any kind of violence.

to of acquiring reading and writing

There the field of possibilities opens up and many board games can be used by the child. Scrabble is of course a great idea because it will allow him to develop his vocabulary, his writing skills but also his math skills thanks to the counting of points. He can play it on a set or in a video game, which allows him to play against other people online and see his grandparents across the country.

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