Despite the ban, they come to their wedding with their children, and the bridal couple lets them pay their share

A bride and her groom spent a lot of time planning their wedding. On Reddit, she explains that they had to make a difficult decision: asking guests not to bring their offspring. “My husband and I have made it clear that our marriage will be childless. I have a cousin who has eight children and relatives and friends both have two or three children. The kids are generally very nice, the main issue was the price. Our room charged the same price for children over 2 and adults, $250 [environ 225 euros, ndlr] per person. It would have doubled the price and our room wasn’t big enough for all the kids.”She says.

The bridal couple offers the parents solutions

The newlyweds warned all parents, and inevitably they had a lot of questions. Some even blamed them. They therefore looked for a compromise and suggested two things: extend the duration of the dinner the day before so that the children can enjoy it ever since “The restaurant was very sympathetic to the idea of ​​having almost 100 children”. The other measure was to hire five babysitters for the wedding day. These were to look after the 25-30 children of guests who had not found childcare and of those who lived far away. This huge nursery was set up at the bride’s in-laws’ home, just a 30 minute drive from the wedding venue.

Parents don’t follow instructions

Despite the proposed solutions, which are quite nice considering that many couples who want to marry without children usually do not take care of the children, three couples came along. A total of nine children were present, one couple had two, another three and another four. “My husband was more upset than me because they were guests on his site. His groomsmen offered to drive the children home [de mes beaux-parents], but they refused and caused a scene. My husband was called to sort out the situation and he said they could stay as long as the kids didn’t cause a problem and the parents paid their way. The room team even quickly set up a table for the children”She remembers the bride.

For her part, she is already stressed and tries not to think about it. It was only during the ceremony that things started to go wrong. The couple’s offspring of two children wreaked havoc, with one screaming and the other running down the aisle as the bride walked down the aisle: “I stayed calm and the staff reacted immediately. You took away Mother and children outside. The rest of the ceremony went well.”

At reception things get out of hand again. The same children are screaming and throwing food everywhere. “Guests and staff tried to get her to sit down. Once a kid walked under my dress which was so weird. I didn’t notice and almost tripped. My bridesmaids pointed out to me that the food they threw landed on my wedding dress, and by then I had enough of it. I gave my husband “the look” and he gathered the kids, took them to their parents and asked them to leave for good.”says the bride.

Parents don’t want to pay their children’s share

“After the wedding, and this could be our fault, we sent the bill out to the three couples with a letter telling them we had a good time with them and reminding them they had agreed to pay their uninvited children’s share.. Two couples paid and regretted, even saying they understood that we could not include the children. The couple with the two wild children of course refused to pay because we asked them to leave before the cake. Instead of apologizing, we received an angry phone call. I just said you should be glad I didn’t send you the laundry bill for the dress. My husband even said it was the end of their friendship.”explains this woman.

If she tells this story today, it is because relations with this couple have not calmed down. “They wanted to visit us and we said ‘no thanks’. They asked if we were still angry that they hadn’t paid and yes we are.”, She explains. Given the problems their children cause, one can understand why. Not to mention the added cost of her presence, namely $500 for the room and the bill for cleaning the dress, which was certainly higher than if it hadn’t had food stains…

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