Denial of Pregnancy: When the Brain Doesn’t Want to Know

It’s kind of a way to protect the brain, which isn’t in the kid’s plan, but that solution ends up becoming a problem.

The brain is actually separate from the body, which adapts to the situation.

Denial of pregnancy is a mental illness. Don’t blame those around the person, even if the denial is also about the same environment.

How does the body adapt?

The belly is not round, nothing suggests pregnancy. The baby even takes a longitudinal position, which goes unnoticed by the somewhat heavy ladies.

Is this pathology rare?

This is not very common and fortunately does not always result in infanticide. With a mother-to-be follow-up, we can get the brain to reconnect with the body and accept the idea of ​​pregnancy.

Then a long accompanying work begins so that man can develop his maternal instinct and give his baby the attention it deserves.

Is the mother who kills her child aware of her gesture?

Yes, but in a daze in an automatism or in a fit of despair.

I knew the case of a woman who denied pregnancy.

She feared that her companion would find out that she was pregnant. On the day of delivery, she suffocated the baby. She never denied the facts.

She was convicted and her lawyer pleaded for imprisonment, which would be more beneficial to her, than social defence. For me, however, the mother is not a real assassin.

However, there is a child murder.

Yes it is safe; but this person is not a danger to society: he will not seize upon the babies he encounters to kill them.

Above all, these people need good support; that is, an awareness, an acceptance of the facts, and a reconstruction of oneself.

Is there a typical profile of the woman affected by refusal to conceive?

No. This can affect all social classes and different forms of education.

We still have trouble expressing feelings, but they are not delirious or manic depressive people.

Denial of pregnancy can result from trauma experienced in childhood and not verbalized and from a very introverted style of communication in families where it is difficult to express feelings and difficult issues (denial of emotions); He also has denial of information, sexuality, etc.

Like in this case involving a 17 year old minor?

I’m not aware of the unfortunate case you’re talking about, but in our society we’ve always had the impression that young people know everything about sexuality. In reality we are far from it.

In the case of this teenager, it’s possible that she was given this information about her sexuality, but that her brain set that information aside.

Perhaps also that in our very liberated society we come to separate sexuality and reproduction too much?

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