Denial of Pregnancy: After 10 years of infertility, they discover 10 hours before the birth that they are about to have a baby

On February 2, 2022, Nicci and Kelsie Garlic became parents for the first time. A real surprise for the couple who, after many years of infertility, gave up the idea of ​​conceiving a baby. The shock was all the greater when these Americans discovered the pregnancy just hours before delivery, they reported People.

A couple dealing with infertility

Kelsie is 33 and Nicci is 33. They met when they were in high school and their romance began a year later. One day the teenager sends a message to the one who makes his heart beat faster: “The next day we had coffee. The next day we went to the cinema. And we never stopped seeing each other again.”, he says. The couple moved on and eventually married in 2014.

When Kelsie and Nicci decide to have a child, their efforts to conceive naturally don’t work. Shortly after their marriage, they therefore decide to see specialists and undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Unfortunately, after three years, they still have no children. The couple then decide to become a foster family and are entrusted with the care of two brothers who are now 4 and 6 years old. They have been a family for two years and the foster parents hope to adopt the little boys.

At the same time, these Americans say they have given up the idea of ​​fathering a biological child. It has to be said that Nicci hadn’t had a period for about two years, so they figured it would never work.

You discover the pregnancy a few hours before the birth

But that was until February 1, 2022. Nicci, a teacher, is suffering from severe abdominal pain and has to leave her class to go to the emergency room. Kelsie is at home looking after the two boys and then gets a call from his wife: “I sit there and take care of her and she calls me. And she’s like, ‘Hey, you won’t believe me. I’m pregnant. Not only am I pregnant, I’m 34 weeks pregnant. “I’ve never felt like this”.

We can understand the couple’s surprise at this pregnancy denial after ten years of infertility! The shock passed, the future parents are happy. “We both wanted a family. It wasn’t a mistake. We’ve wanted this since we got married. It’s just unbelievable that this is happening to us. It’s incredible.”explain Kelsie Garlic.

The couple’s joy is short-lived and fear spreads. In the emergency room, they are informed that Nicci has preeclampsia and her blood pressure is very high. Fearing that the mother-to-be would suffer a stroke and the baby might die, the doctors, who initially thought of a vaginal birth, decided on an emergency caesarean section. “I cried, I cried, I cried, I cried nonstop”She remembers the young papa.

Fortunately, the cesarean section goes well and both mother and baby are saved. So that’s how little Charlie was born on February 2nd at 12:25 am and he’s in great shape. A real relief for the parents who are now adjusting to their new life at the age of five. For her is her son “a miracle baby, whose [ils] didn’t know it existed.” “We found out we were expecting a child, we had the child, all in just 8-10 hours, it’s surreal.”comments Kelsie.

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