Debts, quick autopsies, death anniversary … The gray areas identified by the lawyer for Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès’ family

On April 21, 2011, the bodies of his wife Agnès and their four children Arthur (born July 7, 1990), Thomas (born August 28, 1992), Anne (born August 2, 1994) and Benoît (born August 29, 1994) were discovered May 1997). ) were found murdered and buried under the patio of the family home.

Since that discovery, the 50-year-old commercial has escaped into the wild. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, believed to be suspect number 1, was last seen in the Var on April 15, 2011 in the car park of the Formula 1 hotel in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, on his way to an unknown destination.

During his intervention this Monday, April 10, in L’Heure du Crime on RTL, interviewed by Jean-Alphonse Richard, Me Stéphane Goldenstein, lawyer of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès’ mother and sister, returned to the , which he considers inconsistencies in the recording.

Eleven years after his disappearance, his sister Christine is still convinced he is alive and the wanted man’s family lawyer wants to quash the official position.

The couple’s finances: the motive?

Could the motive for a fivefold murder stem from a lack of money for a man described as desperate?

For de Ligonnès’ lawyer it is “purely free“which would not be ascertained by investigators.”This couple has been struggling to make ends meet for years, like millions of French people. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès earns his living, manages to feed his whole family. To live well since they are all in catholic private schools. you have cars They are students”.

He makes an observation: the Ligonnès family is alive “It’s always been like that. Today there are too many shortcuts, it’s very easy to say that money can be the motive“. The lawyer does not believe it.

Her brother-in-law, Christine’s husband, lends her money regularly, he says. “I don’t believe in this thesis. If there’s one motive I’ve ruled out, it’s money. Money doesn’t count“.

When a bailiff intervened before the tragedy at the family home, Me Goldenstein explained that he didn’t come because of guilt, but “Summon Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès to court through his mistress, who had lent him money. We were a long way from a conviction, a reparation“.

He also states that this famous mistress loaned him money while he was also in touch with him. “It’s not really a loan, it’s an investment and she was trying to make a return“, he adds.

Terminated lease on house: “It’s normal”

For Me Stéphane Goldenstein, the secret of the termination of the lease of the family home in Nantes is no secret.

It was planed“, he says at the RTL microphone. “The owner had just passed away and the heirs wanted to sell this house”.

But again, he doesn’t believe in that element to explain a passage of the law.

No “psy” expertise of suspect #1

But who was really the one now called XDDL? A police officer close to the case describes it as “un man puffed up with pride“, “a raté”, which as “a world champion in all areas” and who wants to avoid spoiling the name of the de Ligonnès and its particle.

Aside from the numerous descriptions that have been made since suspect #1 disappeared, Me Goldenstein notes that there has never been a psychiatric report.

“We can do a psychiatric analysis even if the person is gone, but that has never been done. I think the successive investigating magistrates didn’t want to appoint an expert because they think this file is a rock for them.”‘ the lawyer analyses.

“Legal experts cannot determine date of death”

Many of the conversations XDDL has had with two of his close friends – Emmanuel Tonneur and Michel Retiff – who may be aware of the family man’s criminal anger and their odd silence are put on the back burner by de Ligonnès’ lawyer, it said.If you assume the family is already dead…“.

Here he criticizes the forensic expertise of the forensic scientists, who in his opinion “did a poor job on this file. When a case goes wrong, it goes wrong all the time… The coroners did a quick autopsy and can’t determine the date of death“.

The lawyer has doubts that the man acted after a family dinner on the night of April 3-4.

“Cit comes from nothing. I had autopsies performed on April 21st where certain corpses still had a bolus of food in their stomachs and that bolus of food cannot be explained. If they died on the 5th or 6th, it’s impossible, it’s destroyed. Nature takes its placee”, he comments in L’Heure du Crime.

Given this data, Me Goldenstein wonders: “TO when did they die“.

Burial permits and cremation

Eleven years later, it is impossible to exhume the bodies. For the representative of the Ligonnès family “The issue exceptionally ordered a burial permit for the whole family, who have since been cremated. I no longer have a body! I might have April 23rd or 24th [2011] when I was assigned to question myself about these inadequate autopsies for answers. I can tell you I’m not sure if it’s 3 or 4“.

When he talks to his friends on April 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th, 2011, how does he see the real situation of his wife Agnès and their four children? “are they dead That’s the real question! “, insists the Paris lawyer. A mystery that only deepens the mystery.

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