Death of Jérémy Leboucq in Beaufort: Bauer released, family to appeal

The farmer, owner of the tractor in which young Jérémy Leboucq de Saint-Aubin died at the Beaufort roundabout in November 2019, has been acquitted of manslaughter. The advice was delivered by the court of Avesnes-sur-Helpe on Wednesday afternoon.

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The reading of the advice took place on Wednesday in the court of Avesnes-sur-Helpe at the beginning of the hearing. And after several weeks of maturing their decision, the judges ruled not guilty to this farmer, in his 40s, who was charged with manslaughter following the death of Jérémy Leboucq in Beaufort in November 2019.

That day, Jérémy, a 24-year-old from Saint-Aubin, made a series of rounds between Aisne and the Belgian border to transport potatoes on behalf of this farmer. But the tractor overturned at the Beaufort roundabout and the young driver died instantly. During testing last February, the experts highlighted the poor condition of the agricultural machine, especially its brake system. The connecting rods, which loosen every night, have been welded. Shortly before the tragedy, Jérémy had posted videos on social media showing a broken pedal. Investigators also noted slippery tires. The defendant’s lawyer had denounced the driver’s excessive speed with a peak of 78 km/h.


The release of the tractor owner came as a shock to Jérémy Leboucq’s family and loved ones. ” We will appeal this decisionannounces Emmanuel Riglaire, the family lawyer. For my part, I have already started the appeal process. »

Another limitation not considered by the court is the possible omission of the declaration upon recruitment. Was Jérémy an official employee in the exploitation of the defendant? The latter was repeated over and over again throughout the investigation. According to him, the collaboration was carried out within the framework of mutual agricultural support, a scheme provided for in the Rural Code where two professionals can provide services to each other without having to formalize it through a contract. The judges followed this version by also granting exemption for undeclared work.

The farmer was eventually fined €2,000 for refusing to have his equipment checked by the Labor Inspectorate. A first instance case that will therefore be examined again in the coming months before the Douai Court of Appeal.

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