Death of her baby: Incheville’s mother is moved by your generosity

The Bailleul Family Solidarity Fund helped fund the baby's funeral as well as a plaque for Shaïly.
The solidarity fund for the Bailleul family made it possible to finance the baby’s funeral and a memorial plaque for Shaïly. (© Stacy Bailleul)

It was a real one theatre experienced the Bailleul family in Incheville (Seine-Maritime) in January. It is Shaïly, a three and a half month old little girl died on January 8th. A few days later she would be celebrating her fourth month.

Many health problems

The little one was in pain Interruption of the aortic arch since birth and has had many surgeries. Despite everything, the child had many health problems and Shaïly was often hospitalized in Amiens.

The mother, Stacy Bailleul, explains that her daughter “gagged up her bottles and generally vomited a lot.”

A Leetchi kitten

The baby’s disappearance came as a shock to her mother. In order to pay for the child’s funeral, Stacy’s family decided to do so to ask for help about a Leetchi kitten.

“We never prepare a funeral, much less for a three-month-old baby. If you don’t plan, you don’t have money, so I couldn’t pay.”

Stacy BailleulShaily’s mother

It is sister by the latter, who had decided to put the kitten on the market. On the specialized site it is still possible to see the amount collected, which amounts to €875. The village bakery also mobilized for the little girl. She had provided a box where many donations were also filed.

Donors are strangers. But there are also acquaintances and people you met on the street. Stacy Bailleul also received a lot of messages.

“I didn’t think I would be helped like this”

As Valérie Bailleul’s comment on Leetchi reveals: “I don’t know you. I have the same last name as you, therefore I am I am very touched the departure of your granddaughter. I wish you a lot of courage for this very difficult ordeal.

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This wave of solidarity, nobody expected it to be so important within the family. “ I was very surprised. I didn’t think I would be helped like that,” explains the mother.

Fully covered costs

Thanks to solidarity, Stacy Bailleul managed to cover funeral expenses his daughter, despite the portion dedicated to the platform; about 4% of the total.

A plate can also be bought with the remaining money. “I bought a plaque for the little one. She is at home, in his room with everlasting roses.

In light of this wave of solidarity, Stacy would like to address Bailleul a thank you message everyone who worked directly or indirectly to ensure the smooth running of his daughter’s funeral. she says thank you also people who have sent messages of support.

For the mother, the pain is still there in her: “It’s not joy, it’s still very complicated”.

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