Death of actress Catherine Spaak (A Wonderful Family) at the age of 77

The Belgian-Italian actress Catherine Spaak, known for her roles in the films of Jacques Becker, Dino Risi and Dario Argento, died on Sunday April 17 at the age of 77.

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Catherine Spaak suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2020. She died at the age of 77 this Sunday, April 17, in a Roman clinic, as we learned from Italian public television. This Belgian-Italian actress has spent her life between France and Italy, where She has acted for the greatest directors of both countries. She was best known to French viewers for her role as Pure in the series A Big Family, before being replaced by Béatrice Agenin beginning in Season 3 of the program.

A long career as an actress, singer and presenter

Catherine Spaak is the daughter of screenwriter Charles Spaak and niece of former Belgian Prime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak. She made a name for herself in the cinema, with Jacques Becker, in films The holein 1960. From then on she went to Italy to work with renowned directors such as Dino Risi (The boaster), Roger Vadim (Round), Dario Argento (The Cat of Nine Tails) or Henri Verneuil (Weekend in Zuydcoote). During her career, the actress appeared in 80 films and television films. But that’s not all, she has also performed several songs in Italian, including an adaptation of All boys and girls by Françoise Hardy, 1963. In the 1980s She devoted herself to television by becoming a presenter. In the 2000s she took part in several Italian reality TV shows.

Pierre Lescure honors the memory of Catherine Spaak

The announcement of Catherine Spaak’s death touched many French and Italian figures, beginning with Pierre Lescure. In a tweet, the President of the Cannes Film Festival praised his “youthful and free beauty” as well as “its modernity“. For his part, the writer Henry-Jean Servat wanted to remember “the eternal adolescent of Italian cinema” before I add: “Heroine of the sparkling comedies, in which her wild charm and chubby pouts work wonders, she embodies the sparkling epic of the dolce vita with panache“Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini also paid tribute to the actress. He mentioned “an eclectic artistcultured and elegant, who had found a home in our country that welcomed and loved her“.

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