Dance and Pregnancy 3/5 – The second trimester

After the announcement and the first quarter, let’s continue our series “Dance and Pregnancy”. you start your second trimester almost wise. You are beautiful and fulfilled. Your body changes and gives way to amazing sensations and emotions. Often this time is one of the good times of pregnancy, with the heavy fatigue and nausea of ​​the first trimester behind you. Her desire to dance is still intact but some pregnancy-related inconveniences may bother you. Like every work, the time of origin has ups and downs. Let’s try to find enough for the dance to take part in your masterpiece.

Dance and Pregnancy 3/5 – The second trimester

Small summary of the dance teacher

Pregnancy approaches kind. It is a temporary state in which your body and mind create a work. Physical and emotional changes are important and necessary. However, like the creation of a work, they are neither immediate nor identical and can take different paths.

As such, theMedical and specialized follow-up care is essential. It is not substitutable for interpretation or advice. Your physical and mental health comes first.

Hold the rudder, stay the course

Whether in profile at the bar or in front of the mirror, your condition is no longer a secret. If you still have the desire and joy to dance and your doctor or midwife authorizes you to do so, you can do so continue your dance lessons. The idea is to maintain physical fitness for you and your baby without seeking performance or competition. Regarding your pre-pregnancy habits, you need to think about modulating them depending on your level of fatigue, effort required or class time.

The basic points

Little surprise when taking over the helm: now You can’t see your feet anymore! So you can no longer set your first position at a glance. Perfect ! You are therefore obliged to do so ensure self-growth and the outside grip through the thigh and pelvis.

Note : foot and lower leg work allows you to restore blood flow and energy to your lower body. The clears, throws or rounds of leg at the bar are for you.

The dress

in the second trimester, we forget the bows of the slippers and the skirt is no longer on the agenda. you prefer her rubber bands at the foot. the Bottle of water and small snack are always in your dance bag.

course content

The content of the course is to be agreed or discussed with your dance teacher. The idea is reduce loss of balance, falls and collisions. Depending on the desired number or the choreographed route, taking up the space and the execution can be made more difficult or restricted. In order not to dance small or with the fear of a nudge from your neighbor, Private lessons can be a solution. The teacher adapts to your needs, reduces your doubts and guides his work.

In this second trimester Forget the poles on the ground or the work of the elevators.

Work on your mistakes

It is possible that your mistakes or lack of coordination are even more present during pregnancy. Note the points to edit. As you dance intensely again, you will be able to direct the work. For example, if archery wasn’t your forte, you’re really going to feel blocked during pregnancy. Write it in the corner of your head or in a small notebook. Back in class after your confinement and recoverycan you correct without understanding the gesture and its visualization. You can of course correct it during pregnancy, but you have to do it must be accompanied by your dance teacher because your mental construction of the gesture is confronted with your fear of pregnancy. Accept the state of your body in the given gesture and correct it when you will be available physically and mentally.

From case to case

Aside from the vaults, others don’t question you. The doctor often recommends Reduction of effort and amplitude the gesture. but for you Even a simple grand plie at the beginning of dance class takes effort and amplitude! Like the big arabesque fade (big lunge), the splits and of course the jumps. The idea is practice safely through medical supervisionAlternate your feelings and the requested choreographies promote recovery, on a case-by-case basis. Some will be able tocontinue their dance lessons as before during this second trimester with jumps and diagonals – which are not contraindicated unless your medical follow-up authorizes you to do so. For other the Bar can be enoughe. In this case, instead of working the core, you can add ankle or arm strengthening exercises.

Dance and Pregnancy 3/5 – The second trimester

Drop the helm, stay safe

the Dancing has many benefits during pregnancy : It allows a mobility and an important muscular effort of the pelvis, the perineal zone is visualized and supported, the self-growth of the column and its mobility remains a fundamental work.

but we are not same. Some practice dancing until they give birth, others stop as soon as the announcement is made. Likewise, in class you do not have the same level, the same practice time, the same sensations as your neighbor. To reduce risk, the dance instructor may direct you to do a half lean, a slower grand ply, switch feet instead of a breakaway, or ban the gesture. and the differences are many. Perhaps you are expecting several babies, suffer from respiratory or vascular diseases, have deficiency symptoms or even a history that leads to a change of practice.

Chat with your girlfriends to rate your shortness of breath. If so, let’s stop. The same applies if you are prone to dyspnea (uncomfortable breathing), which is aggravated by the ventilation of the room or the heat of exertion. the curvature of the column also change, this can affect your balance and cause lower back pain: you risk slowing down the success of your retreats or pirouettes and making you more prone to falls.

those are Your monthly consultations with your doctor or midwife who will determine the continuity or complete cessation of the dance depending on the duration of pregnancy and its development. Yes everything is fine and you feel it: Do yourself a favor and continue with your dance class as before, with the precautions outlined below. Yes Everything is fine, but only tiredness or fear blocks you: listen to yourself and confine yourself to the pole. If you You’re more motivated than ever, but your doctor or midwife is thwarting your plans : Learn to work differently and let go! A few months without big jumps will not be irretrievable. You can train your ankle, your pelvis, your arms… and your mind (also applies if you continue the dance!). So dive in Pelvic anatomy and mobility. That small area of ​​the body that supports new life and centralizes many other functions.

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