Covid: what is the “empty face” syndrome that mainly affects children and adolescents?

The epidemic had many effects on the population. But with the easing of health restrictions, a new pathology linked to mask wearing has emerged, especially among young people.

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in France with the easing of health restrictions in most public places in recent weeks.

A real breath of fresh air for most people, the fact of taking off the mask has nonetheless led to a new pathology for others: the Empty Face Syndrome.

After hat syndrome what had worried many people at the end of confinement just because they wanted to leave their homes, the new pathology therefore concerns not wearing a mask.

This phenomenon, described by the Spanish psychologist José Antonio Galiani, consists in having the impression of being naked, as reported by El Periodico.

For the specialist, the fact that he no longer wears a mask after months in the presence of other people without a mask can be a cause stress or anxiety.

Being naked is not that easy…

In the end, it is a “set of mental and emotional symptoms” because it is necessary to cover your face with a mask protect for many monthsand now that it can be removed, some people no longer feel safe and the feel vulnerable when they don’t wear it anymore and when the others don’t wear it either.

But this phenomenon is not trivial because, as the psychologist reports, when the face is covered, it “hides an important part of the signs that help us distinguish the emotions felt by the person who feels with us “.

Taking it off and seeing the others “outdoors” causes an influx of emotions.

children most affected

This is confirmed by the child psychologist Georgina del Valle especially children and young people affected by this new pathology, as reported by El Periodico.

As a matter of fact, Many prefer to keep the mask Despite the easing of restrictions

For the professional: “This mainly affects young people, who cause them fear and a feeling of vulnerability.”

“There are two explanations. On the one hand fear of contagion to the Covid and on the other hand physical strain‘ Not to mention the fear of rejection.

In fact, the youngest are the most sensitive to comments about their physique and tend to have complexes, but they also feel the most vulnerable.

The people who could be most affected by this pathology are those who have already done so anxiety disorders or phobias, those who have tendencieshypocondriaFear of diseases and those that are of a extreme shyness.

An adjustment is to be made

It is important to emphasize that every change requires an adjustment. There is no obligation to take off the mask. Those who have the mask for psychological protection must gradually remove it.

The psychologist affirms: It is important to “take the time to adapt”.

So it is important to gradually expose yourself without a mask…

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