Cotentin: Marie-Louise, a peasant woman dedicated to her town and her family for years

Marie-Louise Revel and her sister surrounded by celebrities on the day of the awarding of the insignia of the Knight of the Order of Merit for Agriculture.
Marie-Louise Revel and her sister surrounded by celebrities on the day of the awarding of the insignia of the Knight of the Order of Merit for Agriculture.

In front of a large audience of friends, officials and family members, Marie-Louise Revel was officially made a Knight of the Order of Merit for Agriculture, a prestigious award bestowed by Stéphane Travert. former Minister of Agriculture and deputy from Some.

emotion was audible in her voice as she thanked those who attended this heartfelt celebration:

Thank you all because today I received a lot of praise and compliments. I thank my husband Daniel because in the face of life’s difficulties we are stronger together. Our greatest happiness is that our children Stéphane and Frédéric, and perhaps one of our grandchildren one day, have taken over the farm.

Before continuing: “Being a farmer is now closer to being an entrepreneur. We are proud to be involved in the production of food to feed the world. Despite the difficulties, the wars, we continue boldly. »


Hubert Lefevre, Mayor of Rauville-la-BigotRemembered :

Her family is an important part of our community and I congratulate Marie-Louise Revel on her courage in missioning alongside her husband and his family to enable the business to grow remarkably.

He highlighted the French family medal awarded to Marie-Louise a few years ago. A big family with five children (Philippe, Gisèle, Stéphane, Frédéric and Emmanuelle), ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“shadow workers”

Stéphane Revel spoke as president of the agricultural fair:

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Mom worked in her husband’s shadow. It is only fair to recognize the merits of a woman who has worked her entire life. A lifetime of 26,000 milkings or a thousand calves raised. Without forgetting my five children and the bookkeeping.

Stéphane Revel read the message from Damien Férey, Vice-President of the Department Council, absent: “We pay tribute to the courage and strength of Marie-Louise, one of those shadow workers without whom our businesses would not have developed. »

A talent as a writer

Stéphane Travert flew away with great praise:

Isn’t history an eternal beginning again? I have the impression that your husband Daniel was awarded the Agricultural Merit Medal yesterday. French agriculture is lucky to have women like you, because the family is a base, a refuge.

The deputy followed Marie-Louise’s course.

You were an excellent student with a brilliant degree. It was natural for you to receive this award because you are a passionate woman determined to defend your values.

The former minister also alluded to the talent of Marie-Louise’s public writer, who had not hesitated to write a beautiful poem when handing over the medal to her husband: “We have kept a love for nature that lasts. Words from Marie-Louise’s heart, reminiscent of this beautiful sentence by Frank Herbert: “The true richness of a planet lies in its landscapes, in the role we play in this wellspring of civilization : l’agriculture. »

From our correspondent Elisabeth GAVARD

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