Convicted of severely burning a baby in Clermont-Ferrand: ‘It’s the story of a miracle’

He met young women through specialized websites. SDF, at the relevant time in 2018, he was hosted by his numerous encounters, his daughter’s mother or even his grandparents in the Clermont region.

“I went to chick, right, left. I left my daughter and my wife, I was over the moon. I am ashamed now. I lived in artificial paradises. I quit drugs in prison. At that time I was smoking weed and playing around. I was cowardly with women. »

The defendant (empty)

On November 22, 2018, he lives with a Clermontoise, mother of two children including a 14-month-old girl. The defendant insisted on showering the baby and was alone in the bathroom around 8pm when the mother said she heard “terrible screams”. The water is way too hot, the toddler has severe burns. The makeshift couple have been using cannabis extensively and are not immediately calling the fire department. “I went to get some cream and left like a coward. I played the coward, Richter. I wanted to save my own skin,” he repeats.

The vital prognosis, a dedicated time

The vital prognosis of the child who is transferred to the service of the severe burns in Lyon is a committed time. Eventually she will get out of it without too many consequences. “This is the story of a miracle. She still has care four years later, but minimal compared to what she had,” says Me Josette Dupoux, civil party.
“What a shame on my part, those things… I admit I didn’t assume I was a coward, I’m a drug addict. I was stupid … I only thought about myself, ”continues the young man. “The hearing will at least have had the merit of having the truth for the family,” stresses Me Anne Paccard, civil party.

A badly burned baby in Clermont-Ferrand: the mother and her companion are charged

Because after the accused had long denied the facts, he finally recognized them during the judicial investigation. “I didn’t turn the faucet off. I smoked my firecracker next to the shower. It’s true, the little one cried. A disaster, a tragedy…” However, the thermostat turned out to be faulty, but he admits he “can’t really remember…”
“He has sincere remorse and does not remain in a criminal stance,” pleads Me Peggy-Anne Julien in defense.
His client claims to have changed: “We were under cannabis. If you don’t have narcotics, it’s a different life. I’ve been bad in my life, I’ve been bad in my skin, I don’t want to be that man anymore. »
The court sentenced him to fifteen months in prison with probation.

Julien Moreau

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