Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) slams child stars

Cole Sprouse, who currently stars in a new rom-com on HBO Max, spoke about the trauma of being a child star in Hollywood in an interview with New York Times.

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Before he played Jughead Jones on the series Riverdale, which was recently renewed for a seventh season, Cole Sprouse landed his first role at eight months old. At that time he shared roles with his twin brother Dylan Sprouse in several films, series and commercials before appearing in the film big dad and in the cult series friends. In 2005, Cole and Dylan Sprouse were propelled to the front of the stage by playing twins Zack and Cody The palace life of Zack and Codythen in the spinoff The cruise life of Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel. But after starting his career at a young age, Cole Sprouse decided to retire from the Hollywood industry to pursue his studies. The one currently starring in the teen drama Riverdale on Netflix, recently gave an interview New York Times. The opportunity for the actor to return to Child Star Trauma.

Fame is a trauma

My brother and I used to be told, ‘Oh, you got away with it! Oh, you’re safe!’ nope‘ he told the newspaper before revealing itHe had suffered from his notoriety at such a young age. However, he admitted that Her trauma was still unlike that of other young female stars. “The young women on the channel we were on (Disney Channel editors note) were sexualized at an earlier age than me and my brother, so there’s absolutely no way to compare our experiences‘ he confided, before adding: ‘When we talk about child stars going crazy, we’re not really talking about how Fame is a trauma. So I’m on the defensive against people making fun of some of these young women who were on the channel when I was younger because I don’t feel that they understand the difficulty of this experience and what it takes to recover“. Cole Sprouse, who rose to fame at a young age, pointed out that the “psychological effects” Celebrity in child stars are the same as in old people, but that they’find it easier to hide”.

I remembered that I really like to play

While he had mentioned the end of his acting career to his agent, he accepted the role of Jughead Jones Riverdale made him want to play again. “I started acting when I was so young that as an adult I didn’t really try to figure out if I really liked comedy. When I came back I reminded myself that I like to play and that I play a lot.”. Cole Sprouse is currently starring moonshota new romantic comedy starring Lana Condor, available on HBO Max.

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