Cockroaches at the origin of an allergy developed by a family from the Cité Berthe in La Seyne-sur-Mer

It is a real cry from the heart that this Monday urges a mother from the town of Berthe in La Seyne-sur-Mer after several cases of allergy to cockroaches in her home. His apartment is infested by “German cockroaches”. and despite several letters to the social landlord, the Seynoise cannot move.

Hardly through the apartment door in the middle of the day, it doesn’t take long until you face a cockroach. It is everywhere. On the sofa, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and on the bed. The situation is not new for Olfa and her four children. But what’s been a few months ago are the allergies developed by members of his household.

A cockroach on the couch in the living room
A cockroach on the sofa in the living room © Radio France
Christelle MARQUES

It all started with Badis almost a year ago. The little boy, then six years old, started scratching everywhere. Then his face shows traces identical to those of eczema. His pediatrician will also think he has it. but further tests prescribed by an allergist will make an accurate diagnosis. “_It says my son has a very severe allergy to Germanic cockroaches_s,” explains Olfa, his mother.

A severe allergy to cockroaches

Olfa copies the letters to the social landlord and carries out two treatments in the apartment at his own expense. Toulon Habitat Méditerranée, the accommodation organization, is also funding one. The situation improves, but only for a few days. “I also started scratching myself and I also did analysis” continues the mother of the family. The answer is the same: severe allergy to cockroaches. Her seven-year-old daughter also suffers from this.

One of Olfa's little boy's arms and the traces of his cockroach allergy
One of Olfa’s little boy’s arms and the traces of his cockroach allergy © Radio France
Christelle MARQUES

As we continue the discussion, a cockroach invites itself onto the sofa. “It has happened that at lunch a cockroach hanging from the ceiling falls into my cereal bowl“says Kenza.”I already had one in my satchel, I was very scared” continues his sister. Not to mention the damage these pests cause to household appliances. “I’ve already changed the fridge twice, my washing machine was attacked, as was the internet box.” laments the mother, who can no longer bear to live in these conditions. “The kids are scared and so am I they are everywhere, all day. I can’t leave anything in the kitchen or they’ll come in there” She keeps going.

A cockroach fell into one of the children's cereal bowls
A cockroach fell into one of the children’s cereal bowls © Radio France
Christelle MARQUES

However, she alerted the social landlord. “Every week I sent files, photos. but no one listens to me. I can’t live like this anymore. I asked to move but they tell me I have no seniority. I spend all my time cleaning but it comes back all day, it comes out everywhere. We can’t go on like this. my children are sick‘ pleads the mother, who decided to put the case in the hands of a lawyer.

The social landlord could not be reached on Monday.

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