Chronicle by Bertrand Lançon. National Education: Chaos is on the horizon

Bertrand Lançon.
Bertrand Lançon. © Chafik AOUNI

While we are talking about rising prices, the Covid-19political polls and Ukraine, national education tacitly preparing self-destructive reforms.

A recent senatorial poll found that a majority of mayors would be in favor of the move CM1 and CM2 from elementary school through college. They would thus abolish the administration at two levels, which would be transferred from the communes to the departments. This purely financially and educationally unfounded short-sightedness is downright suicidal for small towns, which would see their school numbers dwindle pending a possible closure. Only communities with colleges would make a modest profit. We would like to kill the small rural schools and deal the deathblow to the villages, which we would not do otherwise.

The Consequences of the Haby Reform

At the college level, Zemmour and Macron are right on one point: the first on the disastrous consequences of the Haby reform known as “single college” (1978-1982), the second on the importance of learning. We have long masked and denied the fall in levels, but the layer of justification has crumbled, thanks in particular to the reports from the OECD and the PISA reports, which show a continuous fall in the level of education in France over the past forty years; as well as a collapse in his level in mathematics, once one of his areas of excellence, or an inability to train enough doctors. Worse still, although the school has been a pillar of the republic by promoting equal opportunities, it has been found to magnify inequalities, which is the polar opposite of its mission.

What about the ferry, does it seem doomed to disappear because it’s been played down? What about the agony of ParcourSup, the pinnacle of Jacobinism that has become a much more difficult test for high school seniors than the high school diploma itself?

Removal of CAPES?

The university is threatened with bankruptcy because of what is being prepared for it. There is talk of the abolition of the national CAPES competition, for which she has been preparing scientifically since 1950. In 2013, the “coping” of the competition was so catastrophic for students that they increasingly abandoned their careers. The desire to emphasize training was contemporary, but this was entrusted to the mediocre IUFM, which later became ESPE (a patronage name) and today INSPE (which is no better). Irregularly controlled by teachers wanting to escape secondary school, these institutions have infantilized students into empty and time-consuming tuition. If we had wanted to take away any formative role in teaching from the university, which we would not have done otherwise.

But we have ignored that the badge of mediocrity of the INSPEs will sooner or later cause their implosion by the vacuum. The unanimous lamentation of the students was ignored.

Weakened by the double-edged autonomy imposed by Minister Valérie Pécresse, low-budget universities can no longer compete with the preparatory classes and the Grandes Ecoles, which they nonetheless support for many of their diplomas. She is forced to freeze jobs. That’s why Emmanuel Macron plans to Americanize our universities by making them really pay.

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In fact, annual filings of 15,000 euros instead of 400 would quickly settle the problem while creating an indispensable system of grants fed by banks and pension funds. Finally, it should be noted that the highest university degree awarded with Bac + 8, the doctorate, must be subject to increased surveillance, an eviction of research directors and a curious degree, depending on the projects in progress. studies oath. , with hints of cultural police. Of course we want to make doctorate and research rare.

“Story of Destruction”

The building is therefore threatened from top to bottom by pseudo-cures that will hasten its agony. Overall, the reforms that are, as the terrible phrase goes, “in the pipes” emanate from a shadok spirit: Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

If historians one day study the history of education in France from 1968 to 2028, they will no doubt be able to subtitle their works as a history of destruction.

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