Children have an average of 104 bumps and bumps each year – Reuters

Research has shown that the average child has 104 kicks and falls each year.

According to a study of 2,000 parents, teenagers between the ages of 2 and 14 suffer from bruises, split lips and abrasions twice a week.

Falls from playground equipment are the cause of 37% of child injuriesPhoto credit: Getty

Raised knees, bumps on the head and severed fingers are the most common injuries.

Stumbling causes almost half of all injuries, while falls from playground equipment cause 37%.

A fifth of all childhood injuries are caused by falls from stairs.

As a result, parents undergo an average of 99 dressings per year, or 125 dressings.

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Children between the ages of three and five have the most accidents.

But while 78% of moms and dads feel prepared for a fall, a third admitted they were in a situation where they didn’t know how to help their child.

dr Zoe Williams, TV doctor and brand ambassador for Elastoplast, who commissioned the study, said: “Kids play and often have so much fun at home, outside at the park or outside of school with their friends – I’m sure a few will Dents and scratches from time to time.

“The most important thing for parents is how they care for their children in the event of an injury, which often means keeping a cool head so as not to panic. »

The study found that most accidents happen at home, followed by school and the playground.

Toddlers are also likely to do somersaults in the park, on vacation, and by the pool.

More than 50% of parents take care of their children by hugging them, 39% by giving them medication, or 37% by kissing the wound to heal it.

Almost two-fifths go so far as to buy them their favorite candy, read them a book and buy them an ice cream.

However, when it comes to first aid, two in five parents don’t know how to apply bandages or clean a wound – with only 16% willing to learn these skills to help their child with future injuries.

Also among the high-level actions mums and dads would like to see implemented are first aid training, adult supervision and regular inspections of areas to identify potential risks of injury.

Four in ten parents turn to additional sources of support when their child is injured – they rely on the NHS website, their doctor and their local pharmacy.

dr Zoe Williams added: “It’s good to see parents taking more initiative in learning how to take care of the bumps and scrapes their children may be subjected to.

“Especially in schools or kindergartens where the parents will not be present, however, additional measures would go a long way to reassuring many families. »

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“From online products to readily available products including bandages and bandages, there is enough on all sides to ensure your children are protected so they can live uninterrupted. »

To prepare children for bumps and scratches, Elastoplast teamed up with Dr. Zoe Williams to teach first aid to children ages 8 to 14 as part of the brand’s broader social mission of educating 200,000 children worldwide.

dr Zoe will visit schools to provide first aid training and other first aid educational materials will be distributed to schools nationwide.


1. Raised knee

2. Bruised knee

3. Blow to the head

4. Finger cut

5. Skinned arm

6. Bruised arm

7. Cut at the lip

8. Stripes

9. Getting bitten

10. Sprained ankle

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