Children and young people shape their taste in music online

(ETX Daily Up) – Like their parents, young people turn to the internet and social media to pursue their passion. Music is one of them. Most 7-15 year olds listen to it on streaming platforms every day, according to a new UK report.

The health crisis, with its share of lockdowns and school closures, has had a serious impact on the screen consumption habits of the youngest. Almost all Britons aged 3 to 17 (99%) went online in the last year, according to figures from the UK television regulator (Ofcom)*. Many have used it to listen to music online.

Your favorite platform? youtube. The majority of under-18s (51%) go to the Google subsidiary to watch music videos. Only humorous videos (65%) and those with cartoon characters (53%) are more popular with this age group. However, Ofcom found gender differences: boys are more likely to watch videos related to video games and sports, while girls tend to prefer music videos, tutorials or content created by influencers.

What about parental controls?

Be that as it may, young Britons devote a large part of their time in front of the screen to the fourth art. 90% of 7-15 year olds have listened to music online via a streaming service, while 51% do so on a daily basis. But on the family computer, no question. Britons under 18 enjoy listening to audio content on their smartphone or, surprisingly, on a smart speaker.

Smart speakers are particularly popular with young people. So much so that 83% of them have used it to delve into their favorite artists’ discography. A fifth of children and young people surveyed by Ofcom also use smart speakers to listen to audio books, podcasts or even the radio. Parents are skeptical about their offspring’s relationship with these electronic devices. A third of adults surveyed (37%) fear they misunderstand their children’s instructions and spread inappropriate content.

Because of this, some do not hesitate to closely watch what young people have in their ears. Most children and young people (86%) say their parents know what they hear. Some even go so far as to choose which radio station and genre of music to listen to. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in adults with children aged 7-9 years. 13 to 15 year olds enjoy more freedom. Nine out of ten say they can listen to what they want, how they want at home.

*The 2022 edition of the Ofcom report, Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes, was produced by collecting data on the media consumption habits of several thousand young people in the UK aged 3 to 17 and several thousand parents between July and December 2021 were compiled.

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