Children and parents called out to vote the female name of two new schools that will open at the beginning of the school year

Two new schools will open in September 2022 in Nantes at ZAC Mellinet and Champ de Manoeuvre. Residents are invited to vote from May 15th to April 15th. The companies will eventually bear the name of a committed woman. Residents have a choice of 6 names.

At the moment, the two future facilities are named after their geographical location: Mellinet and Champ de Manoeuvre.

Two schools will open in September 2022 at the beginning of the next school year in these new districts of Nantes. And the name can be chosen by young and old.

For each of the two school classes “3 remarkable women, in line with the city’s commitment since 2016 to feminize the names of streets and facilities, thereby making women more visible in public spaces”, states the community.

Field of action:

Germaine Tillion (1907-2008)

The ethnologist Germaine Tillion joined the resistance in June 1940. Arrested in August 1942 and deported in December 1943, she was released in April 1945. After the war, she resumed her academic career and dedicated her research to World War II and the Algerian War. In 1999 she was promoted to Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor and entered the Pantheon in May 2015.

Colette de Jouvenel (1913-1981)

The journalist and feminist Colette de Jouvenel is the daughter of the writer Colette and the politician Henry de Jouvenel. In June 1940 she fled to Corrèze and joined the Resistance. She helps Jewish children whose parents have been arrested or deported and writes for the secret newspaper Fraternité. After the war she devoted her life to feminism.

Yvonne Hagnauer (1898-1985)

Feminist and committed, Yvonne Hagnauer is an English teacher and champion of new educational methods. Invested in the resistance, from June 1941 she ran a children’s home that took in young people in precarious circumstances and gradually opened up to Jewish children. For these actions, Yvonne Hagnauer was honored as “Righteous Among the Nations”.


Helene Brion (1882-1962)

The teacher, feminist and pacifist activist Hélène Brion is a member of the teachers’ union, the French section of the Workers’ International (SFIO) and many feminist organizations. During the First World War she campaigned for peace. In 1917 she was arrested for “defeatism and high treason”, sentenced to 3 years in prison, suspended and barred from public teaching. She is reinstated in 1925 and will continue her feminist struggle until her death.

Maria Verona (1874-1938)

Initially a teacher, Maria Vérone became a lawyer at the Paris Bar in 1907. A freethinker and feminist, she chaired the French League for Women’s Rights from 1918 to 1938. When the Senate rejected women’s suffrage in 1922, she exclaimed: “Long live the republic anyway! “. After that, she continued to campaign for full suffrage and civil rights for women.

Alice Guy (1873-1968)

The French filmmaker Alice Guy is the first female director in the history of cinema with “The Cabbage Fairy”, shot in 1896. She left cinema the creation of the director’s role and many new techniques, such as the use of close-ups, the projection of the film upside down or even the use of wild animals.

Anyone who wants to, regardless of age, is invited to vote from April 15 to May 15, 2022. You choose the name of just one or both schools.

Participate :

– the Facebook account of the City of Nantes

– the website, where a form is put online

– Ballot boxes in the surrounding schools, the district town halls and the central town hall and the Accoord leisure centers in each district (Manufacture and Pilotière for Mellinet and Halvêque and Aubinière for Champ de Manoeuvre)

Each school’s name will be adopted during the June 24th Parish Council.

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