Chérif Delay, one of Outreau’s children, is accused of domestic violence

9:35 p.m., March 26, 2022

It’s the same story for Juliette Raffray, 28, and Milya Le Stang, 20, civil parties at the Versailles Criminal Court on Monday in the trial of Chérif Delay, 32, on charges of repeated domestic violence. Or almost. They did not know the notoriety of the child from Outreau who was abused and raped by his mother and stepfather when they met, the first in 2016, the second in 2021. It is Chérif Delay, one of the twelve victims recognized children in this case for the first time in 2004, who tells them about his abused childhood. He even tells them that he has written a book. “It is a technique of control to play with one’s past as a victim, commented the advocate for young women, Nathalie Tomasini. It triggers a reflex of compassion in them, and the trap closes. »

Looks like he’s stuck in his past and hasn’t grown up

The trap is the cut with friends and family, the psychological abuse, then the beatings. Together, the young women filed three complaints. They tell of violent episodes that are directly related to the accused’s childhood. “He has already beaten me while under the influence of alcohol and called me Myriam … His mother’s first name, entrusted Milya Le Stang with the JDD. He became delirious. » To the investigators, they details “glassy eyes” as if looking inward from Delay as he hits her. “It was strange, these arguments She added. For example, we were in the bedroom and he thought he was in his living room years ago. Looks like he’s stuck in his past and hasn’t grown up. »

Juliette Raffray spoke to the JDD about it “terrible things” that Delay put her through in direct relation to the abuse inflicted by her stepfather. It’s also hard not to miss a symbol when, on the evening of Mother’s Day in May 2021, Chérif Delay slammed a kitchen knife into his young companion’s thigh.

Outreau “keeps coming back”

The psychological understanding of the defendant is so crucial that it is one of the reasons for the postponement of the trial, originally scheduled for February 7th. But it lacked the psychiatric expertise of Chérif Delay, who is under increased supervision and whose criminal record includes 14 mentions, including two for domestic violence. In his report, which the JDD was able to consult, Doctor Éric Marcel insists on the trauma of the “Child of Outreau”. So much so that he “is lived, or has the impression that we live it without really having an identity of our own” ; Outreau “keeps coming back” causes a “Massive Attachment Disorder”. Before the expert in the visiting room of the Bois-d’Arcy detention center, he proves unable to remember his childhood. Overwhelmed, he is about to end the interview.

How to put an end to the infernal mechanics of the reproduction of violence? For Me Tomasini, this case shows a “social failure” which does not regulate the duty of care. In this case, Chérif Delay says he didn’t respect her when he was free. “Society doesn’t go all the way suggests the lawyer specializing in cases of domestic violence. And it releases the archi-dangerous men, time bombs. »

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