Family outings…or not this week

There must be something magical about these “tree fairies” as other fairies have bent over them before. Also very talented. Beginning with the duo Agnès and Joseph Doherty in writing, acting and music. They benefited from the benevolent but very sharp looks of Renaud Cojo and Sonia Millot. Finally, the scenography was developed by another … Read more

in Dinard, a family welcomed by dozens of volunteers thanks to the Diocese of Rennes

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, around fifty Ukrainian refugees arrived in Brittany on a bus chartered by Diaconie brétillienne, an association founded by the diocese of Rennes. Three families, 18 people in all, were cared for by Dominique Gérard, deacon of the parish of Dinard-Pleurtuit. One of them lives in the Maison Saint-François, a Christian … Read more

Ideas for going out alone, with family, with friends… in Haut Limousin for this spring break

Heritage, nature, farms, artisans, producers, treasure hunts… There is something for all ages and tastes. Tuesday 04/19 During the visit to the Aurora Leroux farm, participants will meet the donkeys, take part in their milking and even have the opportunity to taste their milk and its many virtues. They will then take part in the … Read more

Cockroaches at the origin of an allergy developed by a family from the Cité Berthe in La Seyne-sur-Mer

It is a real cry from the heart that this Monday urges a mother from the town of Berthe in La Seyne-sur-Mer after several cases of allergy to cockroaches in her home. His apartment is infested by “German cockroaches”. and despite several letters to the social landlord, the Seynoise cannot move. Hardly through the apartment … Read more

Death of actress Catherine Spaak (A Wonderful Family, Weekend in Zuydcoote) at the age of 77

Victim of a brain hemorrhage in 2020, Catherine Spaak, the Belgian-born and naturalized Italian, died this Sunday, April 17, in Rome at the age of 77. She had played notably for Henri Verneuil, taking on Françoise Hardy’s All boys and girls in Italian. The actress Catherine Spaak, born Belgian before becoming a naturalized ItalianShe died … Read more

These Bretons spent three years as a family on a catamaran: “May our lives be

A couple in their thirties crossing the oceans on a catamaran with their two young children would be almost banal. This is less the case when this couple consists of an ocean-going sailor, a naval engineer and a skipper, notably carrying the Jules Verne trophy around the world, and the co-founder of La Colloc, the … Read more