Workshops for children and meetings with artists: here is the program of the Giennois Young Adult Book Festival

It is often said that youth is shaped by travel. Couldn’t the same be said of literature? At least that is the aim of the Giennois Young Adult Book Festival, which takes place in April and May. The project is supported by the Gien media library and the cultural action service of the Gien community. … Read more

in the Meiji era, children were as good as pictures

“English Reading Manual” (1872), by Shôsai Ikkei. COLLECTION DU KUMON INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION After several centuries of retreat during the Edo period (1603-1868), the Meiji era (1868-1912) corresponds to a period of openness to the world for Japan. Country and society change through contact with other cultures, especially western ones. In the big cities of … Read more

Foulayronnes. Laurent Bernard lets the children discover his farm with the tool in their hands

the essential Salomé, Louis, Jules and Ethan, from l’Outil en main, chaired by Bernard Noël, this Wednesday April 6th is an afternoon of discovery of Laurent Bernard’s farm in Artigues. For Salomé, Louis, Jules and Ethan, this Wednesday April 6th is an afternoon of discovery. Holding tool in hand, these young people take advantage of … Read more

Nestlé’s discretion in the face of the scandal surrounding sick children who consumed contaminated pizzas

At the Buitoni factory in Caudry (North) after the closure of the production lines on March 30, 2022. CHRISTOPHE LEFEBVRE / VOICE OF THE NORTH / MAXPPP These are broken families. An 8-year-old boy who died in Paris from severe hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). A 12-year-old girl in a vegetative state, unresponsive to environmental stimuli. … Read more

An English woman, her children and a Scot “finally” voted in Cieutat on Sunday

the essential Becoming French brings rights and responsibilities. Four Cieutatois, already well integrated into the village, have settled their situation. Last Sunday, adults were finally able to vote for the presidential election. Complicated to become French! Between the government brakes and the Covid, the urgency to escape the insane demands of Brexit has taken advantage … Read more

ATV accidents are on the rise among children

HALIFAX — A growing number of child seafarers were seriously injured in all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents last year. With hospitals elsewhere in Canada reporting a similar increase, many are saying it’s time for stricter rules for these vehicles. Doctors report that children injured in ATVs are often seriously injured. Twenty percent of the cases they … Read more