Castelnaudary: three classes at Blaise d’Auriol college close, angry parents

The situation is undecided for the number of class closures in the tarn.
The situation at Blaise d’Auriol College is worrying the students’ parents. (©Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – News Occitanie)

At Blaise d’Auriol College, Castelnaudary, Three third classes will be closed at the beginning of the 2022 school year. From the current five third graders The school will only have three left by September at least. A message not liked by the parents of students elected to the board. After an initial meeting on Thursday, March 24, 2022, before the quorum, You started a petition with the chaurian association “Gemeinsam, Eltern…”.

In this case, the parents of the Castelnaudary establishment denounce a decision taking into account “a purely mathematical logic is not acceptable taking into account their impact on the conditions of teaching and learning”.

More than 30 students per class?

« There will be at least 30 students per class! When students arrive, there will be no opening and it is possible that the college will accept Ukrainian students… We must accept them under suitable conditions,” protested a spokesman for the parents of elected students. Before proceeding:

“We have already sacrificed a generation with the Covid… You will find yourself in an environment that is not conducive to learning. »

The DSDEN mood

Contacted by the editor, the Directorate of Departmental Services for National Education (DSDEN) of Aude – by the voice of its Secretary General – confirms that it is actually a matter of personnel planning : with fewer than 90 pupils in their fourth year today, planned departures and transitions to vocational high schools, three third years are planned for next year.

On the other hand, the national education services of Aude refute the numbers disclosed by the students’ parents :

“We will not have classes of 30 students. The average tutoring in the Aude is 26.10 students per class for colleges. For Blaise d’Auriol, it will be fewer than 25 across the college next year. For the third it’s 28 or 29 per class. »

Currently, The five third grades have a “very low” average of 25.6 studentswe add to the DSDEN.

What about the working conditions?

However, this increase in the number of students would also be synonymous with a deterioration in working conditions. for accompanying students with disabilities (AESH) according to parents of students. “These kids are already in trouble, imagine, when they’re overstaffed and the attendants can’t do their job properly,” frets this student parent.

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That’s not all: the petition also denounces the part-time transfer of two university teachers. “They have to spread their working hours over several companies in order to keep their job! We leave them no choice,” the family mother continues. Working conditions that should be harmful to educational projects:

“As a teacher in two or three institutions with travel and several educational projects, there is a lack of energy and availability! »

Asked about the topic, the DSDEN does not confirm the part-time placement of two professors and tries to calm down:

“You don’t have to worry about the teachers. In 2022 there will be no post office closure in Blaise d’Auriol and support for students with disabilities is out of the question. »

Evacuation in case of fire

The petition also mentions certain questions regarding Safety conditions, especially in case of fire : “The rooms are already small and we will add furniture. The evacuation will be complicated,” said the spokeswoman for the parents of elected students.

The Secretary General of the DSDEN points out that he does not really understand this passage of the petition:

“Fire protection standards are observed. Luckily by the way! »

And then ? New fears of closure

Parents of elected students also worry about the following income:

“Looking at the numbers, there is a high possibility that a sixth, fifth and fourth grade will be closed in the years to come. This is confirmed or invalidated when we have the total hourly allocation (or DHG, an hourly envelope that is allocated to each university by the academic management, editor’s note). »

Here again, the Secretary General of the DSDEN denies and ensures it’s far too early to talk about the workforce beyond the start of the 2022 school year:

“We are far from having the forecasts. There is nothing to indicate that there will be class closures on this date. »

A new gathering

The petition was started on Saturday April 2, 2022 Collected 75 signatures until Friday 8.4. The students’ parents intend to send it to the Academic Directorate of the National Educational Services.

They organize too a new rally in front of the College Blaise d’Auriol Tuesday, April 19, 2022 and call for mobilization.

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