Castelnaudary. The names of two children from the hamlet of Places des Crozes

A place by Serge Vialette, a place by Martine Viallnova… Les Crozes now has two places in the heart that bear the names of two children of the hamlet who died prematurely, key figures whose notoriety has gone beyond the borders of our Lauragais and she well deserved this tribute. “It is the decision that we made at the community level to name the names of people who have done a lot of work for the community at the local level,” emphasizes the mayor. That Saturday morning there was great excitement among the audience, who braved the freezing cold to pay their respects to those who remain in everyone’s hearts and whose memory was honored with the unveiling of plaques. The families, relatives of the two missing persons and the residents of the hamlet were present for an intimate and “family” ceremony. “They brought a lot not only to Castelnaudary, but well beyond it,” recalled Patrick Maugard, sharing some of his memories with one and the other. “When he received the National Order of Merit, Serge wanted the medal presented to him during the Cassoulet Festival at the FDSEA stand. It was very symbolic as he was one of those celebrating this cassoulet festival and he was president of the FDSEA for a long time, with a real vision of the future of the agricultural world. In contact with him we got rich all the time. He was a great man.”

From Martine Villanova, Patrick Maugard remembers “the little fairy” who came to enlighten a whole family, extremely united and loving, her grandparents Marie-Jeanne and Edouard, parents Odette and René.

“Serge, a visionary”

Serge Vialette was born in Soulheilla, who died on November 18, 2020, recalled Brigitte Batigne, deputy mayor. “He then studied agriculture before taking over the family business and later settling in La Mangonière. But Serge can’t help but defend the world of agriculture and is involved in several organizations for young farmers, FDSEA, Safer, Chamber of Agriculture and many others Paved the way for future generations of farmers and brought development and comfort to all farms and created the showcase of agriculture. the cassoulet festival, which has continued ever since. He took on all his responsibilities with the strength of character we knew him, supported by his family, but also with the heart of the farmer that he was.”

“Martine, ambassador of local cuisine”

“The ambassador of local cuisine and Lauragais, Martine Villanova, who left us on May 19, 2020, has been happy for 40 years with her husband Serge and their son Lionel, who stayed at their table,” remembers Brigitte Batigne. “A combative woman, her welcome and smile matched her tireless generosity”.

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