Carcassonne: More than a thousand children and young people are expected on the Mayrevieille plain for the great return of the Challenge Grégoire

The famous rugby league competition, which brings together teams from all over the south of France, has been suspended for two years due to the Covid and makes its big comeback on Sunday April 3rd. In all, almost 3,000 people will take part in this emblematic event.

Last year they believed in it until the end. “We’re almost there because we registered a small improvement on the Covid frontsays Gerhard Sanz. But two weeks before the event we had to cancel everything for health reasons.”. The same that had already prevented the Challenge Grégoire from taking place in 2020. So today the Co-President of Carcassonne XIII Sports Academy is a happy man: the emblematic rugby event is finally back for its 19th birthdaye Editing. It will take place on Sunday April 3rd on the Mayrevieille plain… and of course not only the organizers are happy.

“Nowadays (Wednesday, March 23, editor’s note)we had 1,050 registered players, i.e. 26 teams”‘ says the manager. A number that is likely to grow, like the meeting in the world of the XIII. “The clubs come from all over the south of Francesays Gerhard Sanz. In particular from New Aquitaine, Paca and of course Occitania”. All categories from 5 to 15 years old will be represented, from babies to teenagers, each with a trophy at stake in their own competition. “It’s a real championship for young peopleemphasizes the organizer. We also try to mix the different departments: that way the kids don’t face the same teams as they do in local tournaments.”. To top it all off, there will be a transformation competition at lunchtime reserved for U13s.

Everyone is impatient!

As one might have guessed, Carcassonne XIII won’t be staying off the site and queuing “80 to 90 children”. There will also be a lot of people around the pitches, as 90 volunteers ensure that the day runs smoothly, starting at 9 a.m. with the reception of the clubs. “The games start at around 10 a.m., the awards ceremony is scheduled for 5 p.m.explains Gerard Sanz. The 19-year-old juniors will lead the toddler meetings: This experience strengthens them and sharpens their awareness of the rules of the game.”. We will have understood: a large part of the Carcassonne Landerneau Treiziste will be on the bridge on April 3 and it will not be too much: counting the parents and representatives of the various clubs, almost 3,000 people will gather in the Plaine gather.

“With the end of the pass and the obligation to wear a mask, we are really getting back to socializing and joie de vivrestarts Gerard Sanz. This moment is eagerly awaited, everyone is impatient!” But since rugby is also a bearer of humanistic values, this year the Grégoire Challenge becomes a partner of the Regional Action Plan against Racism and Anti-Semitism, led by the Occitania Region. “We are used to tying each edition to a club: this time it is Couleurs citoyennes that will offer games and learning workshops between matches. Ten years after Mohamed Merah’s attacks, we thought it was interesting and important to raise children’s awareness of this issue and to remind them that rugby is a universal sport.” Let’s bet that after two years on hold, rugby fraternity will have no trouble expressing themselves.

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