Carcassonne: an association for cocoon babies… and their parents

“Coton & Camomille”, a young structure created in Carcassonne in 2021, brings together specialists in early childhood counseling and workshops and joins forces with other professionals. Their first action took place in the Odeum.

“The love of the toddler, the amazement of a baby and its abilities…” So many emotions that have never left Muriel Labeirie. A midwife by trade who is now retired, she has never stopped investing in the awakening and development of very young children… but also in their parents. In the past it was within the framework of the associations “Du cote des tout-petits”, then “Aude breastfeed”, from 2014. But the Covid was there…

“It had become very complicated to set up activities, so we stopped everything”, says Muriel. Except that this miracle that has driven him all these years was still there, further enlivened by new encounters with professionals who share the same passion and values. “All of this made me want to start over and tell myself that in 2022 we would be a little more free to organize meetings!” Good intuition: The very first action of “Coton & Camomille” took place on Friday 25th March as part of Early Childhood Week at the Odeum.

This afternoon, open to all, was an opportunity to understand the strength of this structure, officially created in August 2021, which promotes contact between the general public and various neonatal specialists. On that day, Julie Teule, Early Childhood Educator (EJE), spoke to an audience of moms and dads looking for information… and sometimes even answers, specifically on issues related to sleep and well-being. That’s a good thing: Coton & Camomile has the resources to do it.

In fact, the association consists of two former midwives, a lactation consultant, a baby massage teacher and an accompanying student with disabilities (AESH). “The latter also encouraged me to deal more with the topic of behavioral problems in children”, says Mureil Labeirie. In addition to these internal competencies, the association also forges partnerships with external experts who can intervene depending on the topic. “EJE”, well, but also psychomotoric, osteopath, speech therapist… “It depends on the right people”sums up the President, who also wants to further develop the “Brain-Gym” discipline. “In summary, these are 26 movements that allow the child to refocus. This technique can especially help with learning difficulties.”.

Coton & Camomille are also trying to take care of the child “Accompany the parents” through advice according to their concerns. “It can be recurring crying, trouble sleeping or feeding the baby, a mother struggling to wean her child… Parents often need to be listened to and heard, and take the time to think about their own resolution. That’s what we do: give leads”. And open up new, often magical, horizons in their burgeoning relationship with this little being, both fragile and full of life.

Three themes and three types of workshops

Coton & Camomille is intended for expectant parents, parents of children aged 0-10 and grandparents. The association develops three themes of awakening and well-being: through touch (massage, reflexology, self-massage…), through movement (motor skills, carrying, family massage) and through storytelling, books, play.

In addition to one-off events, the structure offers three types of weekly or monthly, individual or collective workshops: “discovery”, “deepening” and “themed” workshops for parents wishing to tackle a specific problem (priority individual sessions). . These meetings take place on Mondays and Fridays in the Max Savy social center. No predetermined schedule, the workshops are organized by registration.

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