Can I eat surimi when pregnant?

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dr Laurence Plumey. (Doctor Nutritionist)

Can we eat surimi or is it a forbidden food during pregnancy? Is there a risk of listeriosis from eating fish preparations? dr Laurence Plumey, nutritionist, tells us all about surimi.

Among the questions pregnant women have about their diet, fish is often at the heart of their concerns… and surimi in particular. In view of the many food bans during pregnancy, some expectant mothers are wondering about the composition: is the surimi cooked or raw? What is its real composition? Is it good for health? response items.

Eating Surimi When Pregnant? Yes !

When asked about consuming surimi during pregnancy, Dr. Laurence Plumey reassured: “Yes, it is entirely possible for pregnant women to eat surimi as it is a pasteurized fish recipe. So there is no health risk.

Are you afraid of listeriosis (listeria infection)? Good news, so there is no risk to your health or that of the baby with the surimi as it is cooked! Another positive point, according to the nutritionist, regardless of the brand, the composition varies little. So no nasty surprises.

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What is in surimi?

according to dr Plumey “must contain at least 40% fish in the surimi”. The higher the proportion of fish meat, the better the quality, of course. Know that these are Pisces dedicated to this use. In particular, surimi contains blue fish from the Atlantic, cousins ​​of mackerel.

Among the other ingredients used in the composition of the famous fish fingers, we can mention egg whites, potato starch, rapeseed oil and a little sugar to keep the consistency soft. As for the red color, it is related to the presence of peppers.

Finally, natural or non-natural flavors (e.g. crab) may be present.

In summary it is a good product. Especially since surimi has more than one benefit from a nutritional point of view.

Why Eat Surimi When Pregnant?

Surimi is interesting because it contains protein while being very lean. “It may well find its place in a tossed salad, knowing that a 20g stick provides around 2g of protein. So with 5 sticks of surimi you get as much protein as a small 50g steak”, explains the nutritionist previously. Reminds that “all cooked fish and especially oily fish are recommended during pregnancy for proper development of the baby’s brain” .

Eating fish during pregnancy: the right habits

Of course, you need to use common sense when eating fish while pregnant. In the case of pasteurized or vacuum-packed products such as surimi, the expiry date must be checked and adhered to.

When it comes to fresh fish, shrimp, lobster, shrimp or mussels, we focus on quality and freshness. “There is no problem consuming these foods for pregnant women as long as they are fresh and well-cooked,” confirms Dr. Plumey.

Pro tip: Note that canned sardines in olive oil are perfectly tailored to the needs of pregnant women.

Finally, if you are pregnant, exclude raw fish and seafood from your diet, especially the famous sushi and sashimi.

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