Camille Santoro, advised by her gynecologist to terminate her twins’ pregnancy because of a hematoma, returns to her misdiagnosis

Being a parent can often be an obstacle course and Nicolas, Camille Santoro’s spouse, knows a little about that. The couple almost lost their twins before they were born. Back to their fight.

Camille and her husband Nicolas Santoro love each other like the first day. The couple, who celebrated their wooden wedding anniversary in 2021, have endured many hardships. And even if they sometimes found it difficult to imagine a bright future, their love and communication skills allowed them to overcome obstacles.

Camille and Nicolas Santoro are parents of 6 children. The public met this atypical family on the TF1 program “Extended families, life in XXL”. The Santoros have come a long way since they met.

Camille was a 17-year-old teenager at the time, while her companion was already a 21-year-old young adult. Shortly after they met, Camille had become pregnant. Her eldest son, Alessio, had pointed the tip of his nose a few months later.

And even if the young parents were happy about their offspring, it was not easy to live this parenthood. In fact, the new father was still looking for a job, while the young woman continued her studies.

Ignoring these difficulties, they decided to unite their destinies. 12 years later they form a happy and united couple. No wonder Camille Santoro decided on March 8, 2022 to honor her companion by posting a beautiful poem on her Instagram page.

At the beginning of her message, she told her companion that he had changed her life and broadened her horizons. She went on to say that when she looks back, she sometimes thinks 12 years are both long and short at the same time. Despite whatever flaws he may have, nothing matters to him except being around. She concluded her message by saying that notwithstanding the past 12 years, she is ready to write a new story with him.

This isn’t the first time Camille Santoro has taken to social media to show her love for the one she married almost 6 years ago. In October 2021, she published this moving message:

“If I could change one small thing in our everyday life, I would say without hesitation: Spend more time with my husband. Our days are particularly busy and his absences from work are far too ‘present’.”


March is a busy month for Camille Santoro and her husband Nicolas. To wish Alba, their youngest daughter, a happy birthday, the couple also helped twins Mattia and Maé blow out their fourth candle.

If this day is a happy day for the couple happy to be able to enjoy their children, it also reminds them of the painful battle they fought for the chance to hold their children in their arms. On the occasion of this very special day, Camille Santoro indulged in confidences.

The young woman, who just celebrated her 30th candle, has revealed that she miscarried after giving birth to her 4th child. After that, she struggled to get pregnant, but after two and a half years of waiting and a little help, her wish finally came true when she found out she was expecting a child.

This joy was matched by a strong fear. In fact, after a routine ultrasound, the young woman had learned that she had a hematoma and that she was at risk of miscarriage. 10 days later, the news was just as alarming as the practitioner advised her to have an abortion.

It turns out that the gynecologist who made this alarming diagnosis was not his usual doctor. To dispel the doubt, Nicolas had advised him to go back to his usual gynecologist. After the auscultation, the scientist had refuted the thesis of any anomaly. He then reassured him about the health of his children.

Thankfully, despite this messy pregnancy, Camille and Nicolas Santoro have seen their family grow and welcome two new blonde heads. And although the twins were born prematurely, their parents didn’t have to worry about their condition.

On September 2, 2021, the family’s life took a new turn. That day, the two children returned to school for the first time. Before this important moment in family life, the young mother had shared the feelings that animate every family.

If the return to school was a moment of joy and discovery for the two little boys, it was a moment of stress for their parents and especially for their mother. She wondered how her putti would integrate into their new surroundings.

That fear aside, she was glad to have some time to herself. Everything went well for the two children on the first day of school. For her part, Camille Santoro had a heavy heart to see that her small parts had come a long way since they left the incubator.

After opening the door to their home to TF1 film crews for 2 seasons, the Santoro family decided to take a break in March 2021. The pretty blonde explained that filming has become very difficult for children.

Since they didn’t want to impose this rhythm of life on their 6 children, they preferred to withdraw from the occupation. It is certainly true that his passage on the small screen had boosted his activity as an influencer on the Internet, but for the love of his children, Camille Santoro had decided to put the brakes on his activities.

On March 23, 2022, the family made their big comeback on TF1. Alessio, Nino, Emie, Mattia, Maé and Alba and their parents Camille and Nicolas have decided to reopen the doors of their daily life. This will be an opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the life of this XXL family.

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