Calais: the municipal children’s council, small but big in responsibility

This Wednesday, the municipality of Calais received its brand new advisors. An unusual crowd… consisting only of CM1!

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35 students elected for two years

“It was so good!” exclaims Marley at the exit of the children’s church.

« It was so good ! exclaims Marley at the exit of the Children’s Parish Council (CME). He is 10 years old and has just been elected by more than 3,000 classmates from all schools in the city. A proper vote to select the 35 pupils who will represent all Calais school children for two years. An important task that they do not take lightly. Wearing their tricolor scarf and polo shirt from members of the Children’s Parish Council, they now have the great responsibility of carrying out projects to improve parish life.

Divided into four groups, these young elected officials each have their own preferences. For Marley it is the ” Solidarity and Environment Committee “. Thanks to their various meetings, Marley and his comrades will organize garbage collection in town and on the beach, but also plant trees to improve air quality. The Citizenship and Solidarity Commission wants to collect food for stray animals and a show for the elderly organize to achieve this give a smile ‘, as children say so beautifully. In terms of sports, leisure and culture, there are football tournaments, baking competitions and street art. The last commission is dedicated to safety and prevention and in particular wants to tackle the problem of school bullying; a ” scourge ‘ said Mayor Natacha Bouchart.

For the municipality “an important participatory democracy”

The Mayor, Natacha Bouchart, chaired this first meeting of the Children's Parish Council.
The Mayor, Natacha Bouchart, chaired this first meeting of the Children’s Parish Council.

« We have highly motivated young people who are involved in different causes, but who are all committed to exercising their rights as citizens. “, greets the Mayor of Calais at the exit of the CME. After a succinct presentation of the main areas the children would like to develop, Natacha Bouchart returned to her demands almost point by point, failing to remind a somewhat intimidated audience that the implementation of her proposals would depend on the vote on the budget at the end of the year. However, the mayor wants to bring certainty big social projects The focus of the debate is on waste separation and management, for which the city invested more than 16 million euros last year. She then expressed her desire to promote this ” participatory democracy by allowing each committee to communicate directly with the departments concerned via Education Project Manager Guillaume Boin.

In the first row tender parents

The City Council has 35 children.
The City Council has 35 children.

The somewhat special community council took place under the eyes of parents who were very proud of their children’s commitment. Gathered in the back of the hall, they experienced the first steps in the political life of their cherubim. ” It was she who wanted to take part in this council, she presented herself with a specific goal: to help people in difficulty “, says Yannick, father of Clara, 9 years old. Coralie, Cleya’s mother, is also delighted with her daughter’s investment: ” It makes them grow! »

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