Caitriona Balfe: How was her pregnancy veiled on the set of Outlander?

While the French public discovers an episode a week every week since the beginning of March the new season ofstrangersurely he sees nothing but fire. But you should know that during this shoot, Catherine balls alias Claire Fraser was pregnant with her first child – a boy – who she gave birth to in August 2021. A pregnancy that of course had to be kept secret on screen because it was absolutely not planned in the scenario that follows the story Diana’s books Gabaldon.

A revised wardrobe for Catherine balls

While Claire is known for wearing outfits that show off her slim waist and tall stature, for the Outlander season 6The actress had to remodel her wardrobe thanks to the help of the costume designer of the series trisha bigger. Luckily, the clothes of the time allowed this trick, so it was pretty easy to hide the actress’ round stomach.trisha made the costumes look a little more broad and bulkier so we can hide things underneath” explained Catherine balls at New York Comic Con. A great help in camouflaging the abdomen were the decorative objects, cleverly placed according to the angles of the cameras Catherine balls.

stranger : particularly complicated sex scenes

Although the communication between the actors on the set is very good, especially between the two main actors, Catherine balls and Sam HeughanThe actress has spoken out several times about not being comfortable with the very intense sex scenes she was filming. They were even more so this season as she was pregnant and expecting another man’s child, as you can imagine.

Also in the sex scenes, the pregnancy was the hardest part for the producers to hide. In order to be sure that this succeeds without crashing, the production resorted to a so-called “Data Protection Coordinator‘, this Sam Heughan presented and that the actors imposed. Because the sex scenes ofstranger Even trickier to shoot than usual, it’s easy to understand why the actors needed to be calmed down before letting themselves go in front of the cameras. They also visited Vanesse coffeewhose job is to guide and accompany the actors on the set Monitoring of love and sexuality scenes by preparing all the necessary material and talking to the actors and producers… Since then an increasingly popular profession Move #Me too highly regulated in theater, television and film circles and in the United States.

Vanesse’s presence coffee on set to make Claire Fraser’s performer more comfortable, she recently confided entertainment Weekly felt even more vulnerable because of the pregnancy:She mediates between us and the producers or the director to find out what would be acceptable to everyone. That season one In particular, I was pregnant and I was very susceptible to the idea of ​​putting myself in these situations. It wasn’t the easiest and it was amazing to have her there to endorse and support.

Now all you have to do is open your eyes and try to spot the appearance of a round belly pointing the tip of your nose at the screen. When you know the episodes weren’t filmed in chronological order, it gets all the more complicated!

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