CAF approves free day care for children displaced from Ukraine

In response to the difficulties and vulnerabilities of Ukrainian families coming to France, the Board of the National Fund for Family Allowances has decided that in 2022 the Family Branch will cover the cost of childcare for displaced children from Ukraine.

The board of the cnaf approves the free admission of the children expelled from Ukraine to the kindergarten

To better reflect the difficulties and vulnerabilities of families who have fled Ukraine and arrived in France following their country’s armed conflict with Russia, the Board of the Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales decided today that the family branch will bear the costs of childcare for children displaced from Ukraine for 2022.

Childcare provides very practical support for families displaced from Ukraine. For this reason, Cnaf administrators have agreed to free childcare for all children of people enjoying temporary protection, such as those who fled Ukraine. The cafés bear the costs of their reception directly through the uniform provision of services.

Child care, an opportunity for children and parents

The reception in the crèches gives the children the opportunity to:

  • to meet in an environment specially designed for their reception (adapted space, toys, fun activities, socialization with children their own age) in collaboration with professionals trained to ensure their health, well-being and development;
  • to encourage their learning of the French language.

This reception will also allow parents to take a break, in particular to concentrate on their formalities in France (administration, housing, job search or training).

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Day care centers must report to the prefect of their department

In order to be able to welcome children quickly, crèches must notify their availability of places to the prefect of their department responsible for the reception of displaced persons from Ukraine and contact the associations designated by the prefectures to support these families in order to encourage them your range of services.

Day-care centers are also invited to make their offers known on the internet platform “I am committed to Ukraine”.

At the head of the family branch of social security, the National Family Allowances Fund (CNAF), with its 101 family allowances funds, manages the payment of family and social benefits to 13.6 million beneficiaries, ie 32.9 million insured persons, including 13.8 million children. They accompany families in their daily lives and develop solidarity with the weakest.

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