Bruilhols school in Foix: a fixed class, parents support the school

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Parents of pupils took part in an action on Monday March 29 in front of Bruilhols school, where a kindergarten class will be closed at the start of the 2022 school year. If they don’t shout a scandal, they are supporting the teaching team.

On Monday morning, when parents of pupils dropped their children off at Bruilhols school between 8am and 8.30am, they carried out a campaign in support of the establishment. They placed hearts drawn by the school children on the gates at the entrance. The aim is to show their attachment to the school, where a kindergarten class will be closed at the beginning of the next school year.

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Laurent Fichet, Academic Director of Ariège’s National Educational Services (Dasen), announced the abolition of one of the institution’s three posts during the February presentation of the start of the 2022 school year. That is why he “encouraged” the parents of pupils to enroll their children in the Paul-Bert and Parmentier kindergartens in Foix.

Parents worried about their children’s school

Amandine is one of the mothers who organized Monday’s action. “We were several moms talking about it because our kids are doing well in school,” she contextualizes. The class closure will take effect at the beginning of the next school year as there would have been only five CM1-CM2 students. We are concerned because the school is already fragile, this deletion is not a step in the right direction. »

However, the spokesman for the day specifies the intention of the parents: “We are not crying badly, we will not start a petition. We support the school. The students’ parents concerned by the possible change were received by Laurent Fichet. He explained to us that he assigns teachers as needed. It was logical to cut a position at Bruilhols. »

With this change, there will be two teachers for all levels, from Intermediate to CM2, within the Fuxéenne school at the beginning of the next school year. The parents initially “didn’t understand” why a position in kindergarten was abolished when there were only a few pupils in KM1 and KM2. “It removes siblings, regrets Amandine. The children start studying in another school (Paul-Bert or Parmentier) and cannot return to Bruilhols. »

Discounts for students already present in Bruilhols

Thanks to a “daily dialogue” with the school management and the national education services, the parents received some concessions. “In the beginning it was agreed that the students from the large section could stay, then those from the middle section,” says Amandine. For students already at Bruilhols there is no school transfer, making it possible to keep siblings. »

As for the primary school, Amandine ensures that “the elected officers are committed to ensuring that all registrations between CP and CM2 can be recognised”. In summary, no pupil can be enrolled in the small section at the beginning of the school year, leading over the years at Bruilhols to the abolition of the middle and then the large section classes. The elementary school is resisting it at the moment.

The school runs like a family

Hanging hearts drawn by the students on the grids “represent the message we want to convey,” comments Amandine. “The children are fine there. In the class, the levels are shared and they play together on the playground. The school works like a family. Even if there are classes between 14 and 17 students with several levels, the care is almost individual. »

That Monday morning, the message was also addressed to the members of the teaching team and the Alae. “We support them, we are by their side,” smiles Amandine. You have a reservation right and we respect it, that’s why we stayed outside. The action meant “don’t forget”. They will remember this every time they come to school and leave school.

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