British Columbia students may never receive sex education

Renée Lanctôt, a sexologist in Vancouver, believes it is crucial that children receive this education. So you will be able to navigate through all the positive and negative emotions they will encounter in any friendship, sexual or professional relationshipShe says.

Furthermore, the sex therapist is categorical: without factual sex education, children will take for granted any myths they may have devastating consequences, be it unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseaseswarns her.

« Sex education equips us with tools to protect ourselves if we ever find ourselves in a gray area relationship. Why not give our children the tools to know how to behave? »

A quote from Renée Lanctôt, sexologist, Vancouver

The Department of Education says its sex education policy is exceptional and does not apply to other subjects in the curriculum. In addition, the departure of a student should be discussed between the parents and the school management.

A policy of withdrawal from sex education

Health and Physical Education K-13 includes topics related to reproduction and sexuality. Because some parents may not agree to their offspring receiving these educations in school, the province grants them the right to have their children receive these educations outside of the classroom.

Therefore, parents can teach physical education and health at home. The ministry assures that the student is not exempt from this apprenticeship and that he must prove that he has acquired knowledge in this regard even if he hasn’t taken sex education classes at his school.

Autonomous School Boards

The Province never intervenes in this process. In fact, she leaves it up to the school authorities and principals to settle any disputes.

If you are contacted about this, the Vancouver School Board (Vancouver School Board) and the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CSF) state that they neither count the number of students affected by this policy nor state the parents’ reasons. The parents’ wishes are respected by the teachers.

VSB, qui mettent l’accent sur la façon dont les élèves apprennent, plutôt que sur les seules informations sur la matière”,”text”:”Il est important de noter que le programme d’enseignement se concentre sur le développement des connaissances des élèves dans les compétences fondamentales érigées par la VSB, qui mettent l’accent sur la façon dont les élèves apprennent, plutôt que sur les seules informations sur la matière”}}”>It is important to note that the curriculum focuses on developing the students’ knowledge of the fundamental skills established by the Vancouver School Boardthat focus on how students learn, not just subject informationspecifies the Vancouver School Board.

The francophone school authorities, for their part, point this out Provide timely notice to families and guardians so that they can contact the school if they have concerns about a specific issue one of the recommendations of the Ministry of Education.

This gives an opportunity to resolve any issues that may arise, rather than excluding children from these classesWrite the Head of the Francophone School of British Columbia in an email.

Regarding the sex education budget, the Vancouver School Boarddeclares that it does not accrue any amount by course subject or course title without providing further details. the Head of the Francophone School of British Columbiadid not respond to our inquiry in this regard.

Don’t reduce sex education to the sexual act

For Tessy Vanderhaeghe, Sexual Health Educator, Sex education begins at birth because we are all sexual beingsShe explains.

She reminds us that we must not reduce sexuality to the sexual act, but must look at it as a whole, including the genitals.

The one who teaches in certain schools in the Head of the Francophone School of British Columbia boosts learning by teaching schoolchildren to identify the real names, the scientific names of the genitals, that’s what they call them.

According to Tessy Vanderhaeghe, using the right words makes it possible to express discomfort or offense should the case arise. Above all, however, the teaching of sexuality serves to understand how one’s own body works.

Just as children learn how the digestive system works, the brain, the reproductive system, is another part of the body. According to the sex educator This topic is avoided as an adult because we have this embarrassment on the level of sexuality .

How is sex education taught elsewhere in the country?

All students from primary to secondary school in all educational institutions are required to receive sex education.

Exceptions cannot be made unless there is a serious reason based on psychological damage or a violation of a freedom or a right guaranteed by the charters.

In this case, the reason for exemption must be serious and the educational institution will be dealt with severely. Unlike in other federal states, the appeal to religious freedom does not automatically lead to an exemption.

In 2019, the Ford government is updating the health and physical education curriculum for grades 1-8.

School authorities must develop or implement a policy or procedure that allows the student to be exempted at the request of the parent.

The teacher must provide a list of the development and sexual health component adjusted to the child’s educational level if parents wish to withdraw their child from the course.

Alberta employs the same type of student withdrawal policy as British Columbia, relating to human sexuality but also to substance use and abuse prevention and personal safety.

It is the responsibility of the school district to negotiate with the parent or guardian about the proposed alternative education offering to the student and to ensure application of aspects of the program.

In Manitoba, the Department of Education is responsible for developing provincial programs, while school boards are responsible for program implementation.

They have the autonomy, flexibility, and responsibility to make local policy decisions while determining the resources that are best suited to their students and school communities.

Beginning September 2019, parents of K-9 students can choose whether or not their child participates in human sexuality education.

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